Slow Cooker Chicken Philly Sandwiches Recipe

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Whenever the kids drag me out to the mall we always stop at a grilled sub place in the food court. Aside from Auntie Anne’s, it’s the only place in there that makes the trip worth it for me. They have a grilled Chicken Philly sub that I love! I’ve even made my own Chicken Philly at home a few times. But this past weekend I knew we were going to be running around and coming home to cook would be the last thing on my mind.

Slow Cooker Chicken Philly Sandwich


So I got this idea that maybe I could just throw all the ingredients in my slow cooker. Lucky for me, it worked! The chicken comes out incredibly tender, the onions caramelize and it all soaks up the delicious liquid seasoning I like to use. If you haven’t tried Dale’s Steak Seasoning you absolutely must. It’s perfect for steaks but also flavoring chicken in this case. NOTE: While it’s called a seasoning it’s actually a SAUCE. So if you’re looking for this in your grocery store you’ll want to look around the bbq, liquid marinades, dressings. It’s a dark liquid in a bottle, not a dry seasoning.

Slow Cooker Chicken Philly Sandwiches Recipe


Slow Cooker Chicken Philly Sandwiches Recipe
Cook Time
Total Time
Type: Slow Cooker
Serves: 4-5 sandwiches
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 1 large sweet onion, sliced
  • 2 green bell peppers, sliced
  • 3 boneless,skinless chicken breasts, sliced
  • 2 tablespoons Dale's Steak Seasoning
  • sliced Mozzarella cheese
  • hoagie rolls
  1. Spray a 3 - 4 quart slow cooker with non-stick cooking spray and turn to LOW heat.
  2. Add butter, onions and green peppers.
  3. Toss chicken with steak seasoning, salt and pepper, then add to slow cooker.
  4. Cover and cook for 5 hours.
  5. Serve on hoagies with a slice of cheese melted on top.


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  1. Tricia says

    Any suggestions for a replacement to the Dale’s steak seasoning? It isn’t available in my area (booooo hisss!)

  2. KMK says

    Do you add a liquid to the crockpot for the cooking process? In one of the pictures it looks like there is, but I don’t see any on the list of ingredients. Thanks! This looks delicious and I want to make them soon!

  3. Christina says

    I have a 6qt slow cooker, is this 5 hours on low or high? I appreciate this very much!!

  4. Joanne says

    i need to double this for tonight…. would you adjust anything???? so excited to try this!!! thanks so much

  5. gerri says

    Please go easy on the Dales Seasoning, I tossed the chicken and veggies in it and it was a bit salty…my kids added ranch dressing and was good as new…lol

  6. Autumn says

    It is in the crockpot as I type! Smells wonderful! I found the steak sauce at my grocery store but it was around 7$ :/ so I got another steak house marinade that was a bit cheaper. Hoping it still turns out.

    • tiffany says

      wow, $7? i just bought it for right at $3. and there is a low sodium formula too. my dad used dale’s for years when grilling steaks. this is the first time ive bought it in ages.

  7. shari says

    Could you possibly look at the label of the seasoning and give us an idea of what’s in it?(those of us who can’t locate it)Thanks!

    • stacey says

      Ingredients from the Amazon: Soy Sauce, Onion, Garlic, Sugar, MSG, ginger, paprika

  8. Kelly says

    Yikes! Didn’t realize Dale’s Steak Seasoning was liquid like a steak sauce. I couldn’t find it so I bought a dry steak seasoning [which to me, a seasoning is a bunch of dry ingredients]. Hopefully it will still turn out!

  9. Judy says

    Dale’s Steak seasoning? I’m confused! Is it Dale’s Steak Seasoning, as in a powder or is it a sauce? It is mentioned both ways.

    • says

      The product is called “Dale’s Steak Seasoning” but it’s a liquid seasoning like a marinade. If you click on the product link you can see what it looks like on Amazon. If you can’t find it locally you can buy it online.

      • vickie says

        I bought steak seasoning which is not a liquid. I didn’t know that the steak seasoning that you were talking about was a liquid. Can I still use mine or no?

  10. Lyndsay says

    I’m making this tonight…looks easy and delicious!! So excited to see how it turns out! We used to use Dale’s when we lived in the south and forgot all about it when we moved. So glad I found this recipe!!

  11. JessieM says

    I need to double this. What time should I cook it for? 10 hours on low?

  12. kristin says

    Would it be a big deal if cook on low for longer than 5 hours? Like 8 hours?

  13. says

    I’ve got this in the crockpot as I type! I had never used Dale’s seasoning before and reading some of the comments about it being salty, I was hesitate. I even got the lower sodium and it tastes really salty to me. I only used about one tablespoon and a quarter. I added some other seasonings too so hopefully it won’ t be salty. With HP, trying to watch that!! That being said, I can’t wait to taste it!

  14. Virginia Beach Cooking says

    Trying this tonight! Added mushrooms…anxious to see how it turns out! Thank you for posting!

  15. Dawn says

    This recipe looks so yummy! As someone from Philadelphia, I never thought of making chicken cheesesteaks in the crock pot! Will have to try it for a get together with girlfriends this weekend!

  16. Tiffany says

    If anyone is still looking for the Dale’s Steak Seasoning, check Walmart. I found it there in the steak seasoning aisle.

  17. Lindsey says

    I am making this tonight but subbing the Dales bc it has MSG in it for lemon pepper and Cajun seasonings…hope it turns out bc it sounds easy and yummy

  18. Gina M says

    Just made it and ate it!!!! My 16 year old loved it! I will definitely be making this again!!

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  19. Mary M. says

    This is in my crockpot as I type. Thanks for sharing. One question for you. How do you melt your cheese?

  20. Keith says

    I’ve never heard of Dale’s steak seasoning…. Would A-1 steak sauce be a good replacement?

  21. Marissa says

    Loved it! Even better as leftovers. We toasted our hoagie buns on the leftover round and was awesome.

  22. Cree Henson says

    Hey ! this recipe sounds so yummy. considering i live in philly, its a must ! Question, as the fall season is shortly around the corner, i am looking for recipes to freeze. could i freeze this as traditionally people do chicken, like 3-6 months? Thanks ! i love this recipe!

  23. Susan B. says

    I have this in my crock pot right now!! I can’t wait to try it! I started this too late tho and five hours from now on low will be 8 pm, and I would like it done by 7 pm. I’ve got it on high right now and thought I’d turn it down to low in 90 minutes. I hope that’s ok?


  24. Abra Koury-Schultz says

    Was thinking about pouring tomato sauce over everything in the crockpot, if I do that, should I omit the butter?

  25. Lori says

    I have this in crockpot right now and have made it once before and the whole family loves it! The only thing I change is I don’t like green bell so i use orange bell peppers instead they are sweeter and itcomes out so good!

    • says

      Orange are really good too! I usually go with green because they’re cheaper but occasionally the colored peppers go on sale and I snag them up.

      • Gretchen says

        I was thinking about adding some sliced baby bella mushrooms. Do you know how it would turn out with those in there?

  26. says

    I just made this last night and it will definitely become a regular in the meal rotation! It was SO easy and so delicious. For not having many ingredients, I also found the philly mixture very flavorful. I also toasted our hoagie buns and that made it even better (in my opinion). My husband raved about these sandwiches, even though he normally gives me a hard time for making too many chicken dishes and not enough steak/red meat dishes! Thanks for sharing this awesome recipe!

  27. Kim says

    Ok, so I’m not much of a cooker…. could I buy chicken tenders and throw them in OR would I still need to slice them up? Thanks.

  28. Patience says

    Made this tonight and the whole family enjoyed. Even the little ones. I found the peppers and onions cooked down small enough they didn’t even realize they were eating vegetables- brilliant. This will definitely be in our rotation. Great job!

  29. Taylor says

    Did you use thawed chicken or can you use frozen chicken in this recipe? I usually toss my frozen chicken into my crock pot when I cook with it. I didn’t know if it needed to be thawed since in the picture it looked thawed. PLease let me know. I am planning to cook this tonight.

  30. lauren says

    OK I couldn’t find any of the steak season u all said so I got some steak sauce/ marinade

  31. Chanel says

    We don’t have this ‘dales steak seasoning’ in Australia.. Do u think normal honey BBQ sauce will work?

  32. nicky says

    I made this tonight and really liked it! So simple and easy! A keeper!

  33. Cheri Roberts says

    I used Montreal chicken seasoning instead. Very yummy! And I’m from philly! N I used provolone..

  34. Amanda says

    Making this right now! An hour and a half to go it smells great already I want to try it now! I used lawrys steakhouse marinade instead since I went to two grocery stores near me with no luck finding the one you posted, hope it still tastes just as good! Thanks for the recipe!

  35. Amanda M. says

    Have you ever used frozen chicken breast? If so how did you adjust the time?

  36. Nat says

    In the crockpot cooking as I type. I’m glad others have posted alternatives for Dale’s. It it LOADED with salt and has MSG. Otherwise, I can’t wait to serve to my family tonight!

  37. Jessica says

    This has become a family favorite. I leave out the green peppers, simply because the kiddo’s refuse to eat them. We enjoy this as hoagies the first night, then warm up leftovers with another little dash of sauce the second night and serve over rice. LOVE recipes like this. Thanks so much for sharing it hon!

  38. Ally Lott says

    This recipe looks so delicious, so I was so disappointed when I went to get Dale’s Steak Seasoning and found out that it has MSG in it (super horrible for you!) I found a better substitute that I hope will taste great!

  39. Ally says

    I, too, bought dry steak seasoning but we are currently having blizzard conditions where I’m from and can’t go buy a liquid. I do, however, have a teriyaki marinade in the fridge that I’m going to use, added with some garlic powder and paprika (since it sounds like the steak marinade is basically soy sauce with some seasonings). It is the crock pot now…I’ll let you know how it turns out!