Kitchen Find | DIY Spice Rack for more Cabinet Space

For years I’ve been collecting Veg Kitchen spices. As of this moment, I have around 50 spice bottles and I truly use every single one of them. The problem is I can never find the right one in the exact moment that I need it.

Just this week I was cooking dinner and quickly needed to find my bottle of ground ginger. I opened up those cabinet doors you see below and was greeted with a mass of red lidded bottles. They were stacked, they were falling over, hidden among cookie toppers and I literally had to pull every single bottle out just to find the one little jar I needed.

A regular spice rack just isn’t an option for me because my counter space is completely full and I didn’t want to screw holes into my cabinets. Fortunately, there’s a really great and easy to use alternative for spice hoarders like myself.

This do-it-yourself spice rack can be placed just about anywhere, even on the exterior of cabinets for easy access. All you need is some plastic spice bottle organizers that I found on Amazon.

do it yourself spice rack

Each plastic strip holds 4 bottles and gives you the option to stick it to the surface or screw it in for something a little more permanent. The bottles just snap right into the hooks for easy access.

external spice rack organizer


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