4th of July Sprite Drinks with Red White & Blue Kool-Aid Cubes

Since it has been rainy and well below average temperatures for summer I’ve been trying to come up with some ways to keep the kids from going bonkers. We’ve been stuck in the house and that pretty much leaves us with cartoons, board games and kitchen fun.

I pulled out my perfect ice cube trays and a few packets of KoolAid. For this 4th of July themed drink you’ll want to get red and blue KoolAid packets. Just make a jug of each as you normally would. I actually cut back on the water a little bit so the flavor would be stronger. Freeze them in ice cube trays and you’ve got some festive flavored ice cubes. You can drop them in any drink you want but a fizzy Sprite works really great.

4th of July Drink Sprite and Red White and Blue KoolAid Ice Cubes


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