Difference Between White And Black Chia Seeds

Here comes an unusual blogpost, we will be posting several recipes containing the superhealthy Chia Seed, so I thought I’d start this series off with a little fun-fact about this extraordinary superfood!

Chia, which also means oily, is an annual herb native to Guatemala and central and southern Mexico. The plant belongs to the mint family and is grown commercially for its seeds. The seeds measure no more than 1 mm in diameter but are world famous due to their rich composition in omega-3 fatty acids. The seeds may be mottled with gray, black, brown or white; however, white and black are the most dominant colors. For us quality is really important, especially when it comes to cooking and recipes, be sure to get high quality chia seeds. I have actually found the best place to purchase chia seeds, so go and check it out!

Black and White Chia Seeds

If there is any major difference between white and black Chia seeds, then it is just that: color. Their nutritional composition may vary, not because of color, but due to where they have been grown. It is important to note that such nutritional differences are usually quite negligible. You may choose between the colors for aesthetic purposes. Your food may appear more appealing when integrated with white Chia than its black counterparts.

How To Eat Chia

You may consume Chia seeds by adding them to your favorite dishes such as garnish but chewing them may reduce access to omega-3 fatty acids. You can circumvent this challenge by grinding or soaking them.

Health Benefits of Chia seeds


Chia contains copious amounts of anti-oxidants, implying that they can slow down your aging process. They accomplish such a feat by preventing premature skin aging as it speeds up skin repair processeses.

Treatment for Diabetes

Researchers at the University of Litoral, Argentina, were able to prove, through experiments, that Chia was able to combat dyslipidemia and insulin resistance – two causative factors of diabetes. They proved that a sucrose rich diet with generous amounts of Chia would completely cure diabetes patients.

Strong bones

You may be wondering how to make your aging bones stronger again. You will be glad to know that Chia has 18% of the recommended amount of calcium you require on a daily basis. Also present in Chia is boron, which helps in the breakdown of calcium, leading to healthy bones.

Panacea to the nagging weight problem

If you are on a physical exercise program as a way of losing weight, you need to include Chia in your daily menu. The seeds contain high amounts of proteins needed to build muscle which would replace the fats burned away by exercising. Moreover, it will also boost your metabolism and tackle your dental problems.


Side Effects of Chia Seeds

If you consume chia in large quantities, you may suffer from stomach discomforts due to its huge fiber content. However much you may want to gain from its numerous health benefits, it would be wise to consume only moderate amounts.

So keep a lookout for coming recipe posts!


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