Broccoli Chedder Chicken Crescent Braid Recipe

Far too often we have week nights when my husband comes home late from work and we’re left scrambling to come up with dinner at the last minute. The end result of that scramble means fast food more often than I’d like to admit. It doesn’t help that I’m not much of a planner when it comes to meals because I never know what flavors I’ll be in the mood for.

To help avoid our fast food splurges, I’ve been working on a few recipes we can use when time is lacking. This Broccoli Cheddar Chicken Braid is one of those that can be made in less than an hour, doesn’t cost very much to prepare and packs a lot of flavor into one dish (and fits quite nicely on my favorite jelly roll pan).

broccoli chedder chicken croissant braid

recipe card rolling pin


  • Pillsbury Crescent Rolls – 2 cans
  • chicken chunks – 2 cups
  • cheddar cheese 2 cups
  • broccoli 2 cups
  • mayonnaise ½ cup
  • egg yolk 1
  • rosemary, fresh


  1. Put oven at 375 degrees (F)
  2. Spread both cans of crescents on a parchment paper
  3. Press the seams so it forms a single layer of dough
  4. Combine chicken, cheese, broccoli and mayonnaise in a large bowl
  5. Spread mixture over the croissant dough evenly
  6. Cut horizontal strips about 1 inch apart down each side of the crescsent
  7. Fold the strips over the top of the chicken mixture, switching the left and the right to create a braid
  8. Brush off the top of the braid with egg yolk and sprinkle rosemary on the top
  9. Bake for about half an hour

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