Spring Gardening Projects that Bloom All Summer Long #DigIn

April was a busy, busy month for me. I’m still adjusting to life without my dad and have poured all of my energy into outdoor gardening. Last month I started with a shopping trip to The Home Depot where I picked up all of the supplies to make a pair of whiskey barrel planters for my driveway. It was an incredibly easy project that didn’t take much time at all. By the end of the afternoon we were all outside watching the kids blow bubbles and admiring the beautiful flowers.

After a nice dose of rain I went back out to The Home Depot with my mom to help her find the supplies to make her own Flower Tower and picked up a wooden trellis so I could make a vertical garden full of sun-loving flowers to lean up against my boring fence.

DIY Vertical Flower Pot Garden

It’s a really easy project that saves you space since flowers are growing up rather than out around your yard. We just got some “s” hooks to hang the pots on the trellis and filled them up with Marigolds and Primroses. Then I handed over the watering duties to my kids who love to pull out their watering cans and help me around the yard.

vertical flower garden with primroses

After seeing the Flower Tower my mom put together I decided to try one out myself. This project looked a lot easier than it actually was. There’s quite a bit of work involved getting the fencing tied together and then of course filling in all the space with flowers. Despite the cuts and scrapes this one gave me, I think it turned out absolutely beautiful.

Blooming Flower Tower

And of course our whiskey barrel planters look as beautiful as ever. The kids never forget to water them (unlike me) and the decorative butterflies are actually still hanging out in the pots. Usually one of the kids carts off with anything decorative like that.


If all that wasn’t enough, this month my husband has decided he’s going to take on an outdoor project of his own and build a fire pit in the back yard.


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