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Caramel Apple Oatmeal Cookie Bites Recipe #WiltonTreatTeam

Caramel Apple Oatmeal Cookie Bites Recipe #WiltonTreatTeam

This is a partnered post as part of the Wilton Sweet Treat Team of brand ambassadors. The excitement in this house for the first day of school is almost palpable! While my son is less than thrilled about his busy 8th grade schedule, the girls are ready to get back into the classroom and meet some new friends. And me? The thought of having a few hours a day of complete freedom almost brings me to tears. For the first time in over a decade, … [Read more...]

OREO Overload Edible Ice Cream Bowls Recipe #WiltonTreatTeam

Oreo Overload Edible Ice Cream Bowls Recipe #WiltonTreatTeam

I have officially vowed to NEVER complain about winter ever again. I don't care how cold it gets, I won't complain because I'm about to whine my way through a really hot summer. This snow bunny was not meant to endure 80+ degree days (don't laugh). I know for some of the Southern folks that the 80's feel amazing but anything over 75 or so is reaching my melting point. Thank goodness for things like ice cream, shaved ice and air conditioning. … [Read more...]

Frozen Yogurt PEEPS Bunnies & Chicks for Easter Breakfast #WiltonTreatTeam

Frozen Yogurt PEEPS Bunnies and Chicks for Easter #WiltonTreatTeam #Peepsonality

*This is a partnered post as part of the Wilton Sweet Treat Team of brand ambassadors. These past two weeks have been a whirlwind of doctor appointments, cold bugs and just way too much going on. Before any big holiday, the last thing I want is to be bogged down by so much stuff that it leaves us with no time for fun Easter activities. Stress = NO FUN! That's why we're taking it easy this week, at least trying to. I have even more doctor … [Read more...]

PEEP-A-BOO Bunny Cupcakes and PEEPS Impostors #WiltonTreatTeam

PEEP a Boo Coconut Cupcakes and Impostor Chicks #PEEPS #WiltonTreatTeam

PEEPS are one of those holiday candies that you either really love or really hate. Personally, I ADORE them. They're so simple and so cute for decorations. I don't eat many of them just because it's pretty much a guaranteed sugar overload but I'll indulge on a bunny here and there once in awhile. You may remember I first announced the new line of PEEPS baking products from Wilton last week. Well, I've got another fun baking project idea … [Read more...]

NEW Wilton PEEPS Baking Products & PEEPS Chicks & Bunnies Cookies for Easter #WiltonTreatTeam

PEEPS Chicks and Bunnies Cookies #WiltonTreatTeam #peepsonality

A few weeks ago I was browsing through Micheal's Craft store, like I often do, and found a whole display filled with new PEEPS products from Wilton. How absolutely cute are these???? Well, as part of the Wilton Sweet Treats Team, the company was kind enough to send me a whole package of the new PEEPS products. (P.S. I've only seen these products at Michael's, Jo-Ann Fabrics and Walmart and they are flying off the shelves. So if you want … [Read more...]

Spring Flower Pot Cakes with Double Blooming Sugar Cookies #WiltonTreatTeam

Double Flower Cookie Pops with Cake Flower Pots #WiltonTreatTeam

I've never been much of a hobby person but there is one hobby that I've loved since I could reach the table and help my mom with in the kitchen. BAKING! I'm probably a little weird just for the simple fact that I actually love the process of baking more than eating the end result. And that's why I'm so happy to partner with my all-time favorite baking brand, Wilton, for another year of baking fun. I've been part of the Wilton Mom Brand Ambassador … [Read more...]

Holiday Cookie Exchange – Sweet Holiday Package Designs from Wilton

Wilton Cookie Exchange 3

Wilton provided me with samples. One of my favorite things about Christmas is all the sweet desserts, particularly the cookies, candies and fudge! As far back as I can remember, every Christmas, my mom and I made a big batch of cut-out sugar cookies and I watched as my dad made the fudge. This year, I was on my own with that tricky fudge but I'm happy to report, it came out perfect! So perfect in fact that I made an extra large batch to share. … [Read more...]

New Products from Wilton & Strawberry Shortcake Treat Pops

Strawberry Shortcake Treat Pops

*As a Wilton Mom Brand Ambassador I received products to try out. Treat Pops have become my most recent baking obsession. They take the fun of old push-up style pops and become fun and colorful ways to make a cupcake on a stick. So far I've used them to make sweet Valentine's Day treat pops and transformed them into a mess-free banana cream pie cake treat pops. I even experimented with an Oreo Fudge Crunch treat pop and while it tasted really … [Read more...]

New Products from Wilton for CUPCAKES!

Black and Pink Cupcakes for Valentine's Day

January was a pretty low-key month in my house and mostly mess-free in my kitchen. Why? I didn't get to do as much baking as I usually do. I spent most of the month sick between a lingering cold and then got hit with the flu and some sort of sinus infection. For the first time in over two months I'm actually feeling pretty healthy, aside from this lingering sinus infection going on. That said, I did get a little baking done. A package full of … [Read more...]

New from Wilton | Black Forest Brownie Squares

Wilton Brownie Squares with Cherries

Last week I got a pretty awesome delivery that included products from the new Wilton Cupcakes line. As you might have guessed, it's all about cupcakes. They're one of the easiest treats to make and full of so many decorating possibilities. They're also the one dessert I can make that allows me to have some self-control when it comes to eating them. Anytime I make cupcakes for fun I always do a half or quarter batch so there's just enough to enjoy … [Read more...]