Recipe | Easter Peeps Bunny Rice Krispies Treats Pops

This morning my children woke up to a mass of pastel candy melts, Rice Krispies Treats and Peeps bunnies all over our island. My youngest excitedly screeched, is it Easter mommy? Imagine her disappointment when I had to tell her Easter is still over a month away but that doesn’t mean we can’t start celebrating now. After all, Easter treats are more fun when they’re around the house for several weeks leading up to the actual holiday. I like to think I’m helping build excitement.

One of our most favorite treats for the holidays is Rice Krispies Treats. And they only get yummier with a layer of Wilton candy melts, sprinkles and sugary sweet Peeps bunnies.


Step 1 – Gather some supplies including Peeps bunnies (or chicks), Wilton colored candy melts and cookie pop sticks.

Step 2 – Create your favorite Rice Krispies Treats recipe and let them cool in a rectangular pan.

Step 3 – Melt the candy melts on a plate and dip one side of the treat. You can also use a pastry brush or spoon to fill in all of the crevices.

Step 4 – Add some pastel sprinkles along the border. No need to fill in the middle since the Peeps Bunnies will go there.

Step 5 – While the candy melts are still soft, place a Peeps Bunny right in the center. Press it down a bit so it sticks.

Step 6 – Let the candy melt harden up a bit before jabbing a sick into the treat.

How to Make Easter Rice Krispies Peeps Pops

If you don’t have cookie pop sticks on hand you can certainly leave them as bars. You just get to avoid sticky fingers when you put them on pop sticks.

easter rice kirspies treats with pastel peeps

rice krispies easter peeps bunny treat pops

These sweet Rice Krispies Treats pops are perfect for class parties (if your child’s school allows homemade treats) and they’re great for Easter baskets too if you just slip a candy bag over the top of each one and tie it off with some pastel ribbon.

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