DIY Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden In The Kitchen

Last month my Etsy obsession led me to a few neat discoveries. First, I was introduced to the Swanky Prints store where I went a little overboard on buying food photography backdrops. Then I found the cutest chalkboard labels for pantry containers. And then I got the idea to spruce of the decor in my kitchen. I knew I wanted to bring my herb garden indoors this year instead of letting it take over a third of my raised bed garden and it was just luck that brought me to a shop called The Summery Umbrella.

Right away I fell in love with all of the wooden shelves and when I saw this distressed wooden shelf with spots to drop in mason jars, I knew it would be perfect for my kitchen and my indoor herb garden as well as for storing chia seeds or pine pollen powder What makes these really neat is you can leave the wood natural or have it painted to match any room of your house.

Herb Garden on a Shelf

I also ordered a wooden chalkboard to match. When I hung the shelf on this wall I wasn’t sure where the chalkboard should go but I think this set-up fits together quite well. And now I have a place to jot down groceries as we run out of them. And a spot for fresh flowers where the cats can’t chew them all to bits.

Wall Shelf with Fresh Herbs

While researching how to grow indoor herbs, one thing I read over and over again is that herbs like well-drained soil. Since these herbs are being grown in solid mason jars there’s no easy way to keep the water from settling in the soil. Well, actually there is. Just fill the bottom of your mason jar with about an inch of small pebbles. This allows the water to drain down to the bottom and keeps the roots from sitting in excess water.

Mason Jar Herb Garden

Right now it looks a little bland since the seeds just went in and honestly, I’m thinking about pulling the seeds and just buying actually plants. Patience just isn’t my thing. But this is more than just decoration, I’m looking forward to being able to grab the herbs I use most (basil, Italian parsley, chives) and cook with them whenever I want.

*UPDATE* Because I just can’t be patient I decided to pull the seeds and just put in herbs that were already growing.

Indoor Hanging Herb Garden


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