Soccer Balls, School Supplies and Sanity

Kaydee First Soccer Game

Have you ever had a moment where you thought to yourself? ... This isn't happening to me, this is the kind of stuff you read on some mom's blog, laugh your butt off and say to yourself, thank goodness those aren't my kids! I say that to myself all the time, except today, it is happening to me, it is on a mom blog and I'm even laughing but they are my kids. Sigh. Yesterday started out as a pretty normal day. The only thing that upped the … [Read more...]

My Coke Rewards Schools Program


This post brought to you by My Coke Rewards. All opinions are 100% mine. The back to school shopping season is in full swing and while you might be busy buying school supplies, new clothes for the kids and maybe even some extras for your child's classroom there's something extra special you can do for your child's school. If you have a Coke drinker in your home, you may have noticed each package includes My Coke Rewards points. While you may … [Read more...]

Meet Cecile & Marie-Grace, Two New Historial Characters from American Girl

american girl new dolls

For the first time in American Girl's 25-year history, the company is introducing two different historical characters, Cecile Rey and Marie-Grace Gardner, on one six-book series set in 1850's New Orleans. The new characters - one African American and one Caucasian - show the power of friendship and community as they reach across the boundaries of race and class to help their families, friends and city during a time of great need. About … [Read more...]

Home Farming Challenge – Harvest Time & VOTING

Raised Bed Home Farm Final Collage

VOTE FOR CAT'S HOME FARM For three very long months I've been tending to a raised bed home farm that I built with my own two hands, plus the helping hands of my father. Week after week I water it, picked bugs off the plants and the day has finally come that my family and I are finally able to enjoy the fruits (or should I say vegetables) of my labor. The first moment of pure joy and excitement came when I was able to harvest and cook my first … [Read more...]

Photography – Little Football Dudes, Go Titans!

Chatham Titans White 5th Grade Football Team

Today, my little football dude played his first real game of football. After a few weeks of 4 days a week practices in the sweltering heat, he put his new skill set to use on the field. My husband says he's an "offensive tackle" and alternates as a "defensive tackle" sometimes but don't ask me what any of that means. All I know is he squats, crashes into someone and it's over. What I do know for sure is it's a sport he's quickly learning to love, … [Read more...]

Britax Frontier 85 SICT Combination Harness-2-Booster Review

Toddler Britax

Nearly two years ago my family was involved in the worst vehicle accident of our lives. Our minivan was totaled by a teenage driver and I learned why safety seats for children are the most important investment a parent can ever make when it comes to transportation. Just seconds after the crash, my fears surrounding my own pain and injuries paled in comparison to fear I felt for my children. In the back of our minivan were three very precious … [Read more...]

Family Favorite – Apple Caramel Cake from Duncan Hines

apple carmel cake

The most sinful thing I could probably tell you is that my family's favorite cake comes from a box. Yes, you read that correctly, a box right off the grocery store shelf. Even though I love baking, creating new recipes and experimenting with ingredients, sometimes really great baked goodies are semi-homemade. For instance, one that my family adores is the Duncan Hines Apple Caramel Decadent Cake Mix. It come with a pouch of dry cake mix … [Read more...]

From the Garden, Mozzarella Tomato Crostinis

Tomato Mozzarella Bread

I feel so odd using the word Crostini, it sounds so fancy doesn't it? Truth is, it's just a slice of bread toasted with toppings. In this case, I stepped outside of my little culinary box and tried fresh mozzarella for the first time. You know, the kind that comes in the shape of a ball sealed with liquid instead of in a bag and shredded. We're talking real mozzarella cheese. And before last week, I had never in my life tried it before but I'm … [Read more...]