Home Farming Challenge – Cool Weather Vegetable Planting

garden cabbage

Having spent the majority of my life living in Illinois, I know how unpredictable spring weather can be. As eager as I was to begin planting all of my vegetables after constructing our raised bed farm, I quickly learned that our drastic weather changes in the past few weeks were not going to cooperate with my tomato planting plans. Instead, I used the Home Farming Vegetable & Herb Guide to learn about which vegetables would grow best during … [Read more...]

Tackle It Tuesday – The Dreaded Tree Ring

hostas filled tree ring

A little over a year ago we planted our second tree, an Autumn Blaze Maple. After surviving it's first summer, fall and winter, I'm proud to say it's hear to stay. What I'm not so proud of is the fact that we let a simple decorative ring around it turn into a small jungle. Last summer I spent several hours digging out a circle of grass around it, lining the area with curved bricks and filling it with mulch. The problem is that's all I did. … [Read more...]

#Commit2Fit with Subway’s Orchard Chicken Salad Sub


In the past week my husband and I have made a commitment to each other to motivate and encourage a healthier lifestyle for our family. After 10 years of marriage (and 3 babies myself) we've both packed on quite a few "comfort" pounds. We're realizing that not only are we both unhealthy and overweight, we're setting a bad example for our children. To make a fresh start with our eating habits, we've committed to eating fresh with Subway. Instead … [Read more...]

Ultimate Sandwich – The Springfield Horseshoe Sandwhich

springfield ham horseshoe sandwich

The sandwich I'm sharing today is actually a local favorite that is often never even heard of outside of the Springfield, IL area. The Springfield Horseshoe¬† was originally created as an open faced sandwich dish served at breakfast time that starts with two thick slices of white toast, topped with a "horseshoe" shaped ham steak, covered in "nails" (french fries) and finally is smothered with a cheese sauce. More recent versions of the Horseshoe … [Read more...]

New! Crocs Chameleons Color Changing Shoes for Kids

crocs chameleons shoes

Whether you're a Crocs lover or hater, there's no denying that Crocs has come up with their most awesome shoes yet with the addition of Crocs Chameleons for kids. These new shoes made just for kids come in the classic clog style and a more feminine Shirley style for girls. What makes these unique is the shoe actually changes colors! We got a chance to try the new Crocs Chameleons in the Shirley style with our toddler and she is absolutely … [Read more...]

Weeknight Dessert – S’mores Brownie Cake Recipe

smores brownie cake slice

While you're waiting for summer to come, here's a great way to make campfire s'mores right in your oven. The best part of making this dessert is that it's easy to throw together and a lot less messy to eat than traditional s'mores. We like to reserve easy desserts like this one for weeknights when we can settle down after a quick dinner and enjoy a few minutes of of peace (and gooey marshmallows) before tucking the kids in bed for the … [Read more...]

Mom Tech – iHome Audio iA100 Docking Station for iPad

ihome a100

Living in a home full of iPhones and iPads, it's only fitting that we should need an audio system capable of managing our iDevices. Fortunately, there's a company that works to create an assortment of audio products from ear buds to docking stations all of which seamlessly integrate with the iPhone, iPad or iPod. In it's first year on the market, iHome became the #1 brand in the iPod Electronics market in the United States and since has only … [Read more...]

360 Cookware by Americraft 3.5 Qt Saute Pan

360 cookware giveaway

Last week I shared an innovative piece of cookware that I got to introduce to my family and change the way we cook our meals. Using the 360 Cookware 3.5 Quart Saute Pan I was able to take one of our favorite family dishes that is often cooked in oil and topped with butter and make it healthier with the use of vapor cooking technology. { see the complete meal, Rosemary Chicken with Steamed Broccoli, Baked Potatoes and Pineapple Upside Down Cake … [Read more...]