Emma Sings Somewhere Over the Rainbow {Video}

emma smile

Ever since stumbling onto the little girl singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow for a talent show, Emmaleigh, our 2 year old daughter has been obsessed with the song. She begs me to sing it to her daily and is actually starting to learn the words to the song herself. I really shouldn't be surprised even though she's been surprising me since the day she was conceived. She's done everything early from sittingĀ  to walking and talking and now she's … [Read more...]

Home Design Dilemma – Too Much White Space

long blank white wall

When my husband and I bought our first home together in 2006 I was ecstatic. Not only did we get a brand new house that was ours after years of apartment hopping but it was a fresh and clean canvas for me to creatively color. Unfortunately, life got in the way when I had found out I was pregnant with Kaydence just days before we closed on the house. Then of course there was the years of having an infant then toddler, followed by yet another … [Read more...]

From the Garden, Herb Deviled Eggs Recipe

plated deviled eggs with herbs

The season of grilling, backyard barbecues and park picnics reminds me of one family favorite side dish, deviled eggs. Although they are not personally my favorite, my family goes a little gaga for them. Not only are they extremely easy to make but the flavor combinations are endless and allows you to be creative in the kitchen. Now that I'm growing my very own herb garden, I'm excited about putting these tasty green growths to use in my … [Read more...]

SnapTotes Custom Photo iPad Sleeve Review

SnapTotes Custom iPad Case

The day after buying the Apple iPad 2, the first thing I did was search for stylish and unique iPad cases and sleeves. Unfortunately, buying the iPad 2 on the release date meant my choices were extremely limited. So limited in fact everything I found aside from the Smart Cover was either Plain Jane or downright ugly. However, I did come across one little gem that met all of my needs. Last year I received a Snaptotes custom handbag to review … [Read more...]

To Serve and Protect … the Broccoli

garden cat 2

Since beginning our vegetable and herb garden, I've been feeling quite protective of it. After all, I've put a lot of time and work into it from building the raised bed garden, filling it with dirt and now, planting my tender, little vegetables. What I hadn't expected was my cat to feel so protective of it. This past weekend I would outside soaking up the sun and admiring how big and healthy my herbs are looking when I spotted something … [Read more...]

Home Farming Challenge – Cool Weather Vegetable Planting

garden cabbage

Having spent the majority of my life living in Illinois, I know how unpredictable spring weather can be. As eager as I was to begin planting all of my vegetables after constructing our raised bed farm, I quickly learned that our drastic weather changes in the past few weeks were not going to cooperate with my tomato planting plans. Instead, I used the Home Farming Vegetable & Herb Guide to learn about which vegetables would grow best during … [Read more...]

Tackle It Tuesday – The Dreaded Tree Ring

hostas filled tree ring

A little over a year ago we planted our second tree, an Autumn Blaze Maple. After surviving it's first summer, fall and winter, I'm proud to say it's hear to stay. What I'm not so proud of is the fact that we let a simple decorative ring around it turn into a small jungle. Last summer I spent several hours digging out a circle of grass around it, lining the area with curved bricks and filling it with mulch. The problem is that's all I did. … [Read more...]

#Commit2Fit with Subway’s Orchard Chicken Salad Sub


In the past week my husband and I have made a commitment to each other to motivate and encourage a healthier lifestyle for our family. After 10 years of marriage (and 3 babies myself) we've both packed on quite a few "comfort" pounds. We're realizing that not only are we both unhealthy and overweight, we're setting a bad example for our children. To make a fresh start with our eating habits, we've committed to eating fresh with Subway. Instead … [Read more...]