How to Keep Your Kids Safe on the Road

car x family picture

Keep your family safe on the road by following these five steps: 1. Be non-negotiable when it comes to rules of the car. There are times when it's nice to be a softie as a parent: okay, you can stay up for ten more minutes. Okay, you can have some ice cream. But there are some times when holding the line isn't just good parenting, it's a matter of safety. Whenever you are traveling in the car, you should have some non-negotiable rules … [Read more...]

Hey Lady, Are You a Photographer?

mattison swing

Like most weekends when the weather is nice, we make our way over to the park at least once. Lately, we've been visiting a brand new park closer to home that has some really cool playground equipment and even a shallow pond to walk around. It also makes for a great location to take pictures of the kids. This particular weekend I was snapping photos of the girls and this little boy comes up to me and says .. "Hey lady ... are you a … [Read more...]

Baby Month at Sam’s Club – Our Member’s Mark Experience

sams club baby month

September at Sam's Club is all about baby and for parents, this is the perfect opportunity to check out all of the baby product savings offered and even trying out the competitively priced Member's Mark baby items. Click n Pull Shopping Our most recent shopping experience with Sam's Club started with the Click n Pull service, which if you haven't heard about, is probably the only thing better than the savings at Sam's Club. For parents like … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday – Goodbye Baby, Hello Pre-School

kaydees first day of preschool

Out the door ... ... arriving at school ... ... with her new friends without even a kiss goodbye. :-( Update - When we picked her up she was completely ecstatic about her day there and didn't even want to leave. She was the last one out the door. I'm heartbroken, my baby is growing up. For more Wordless Wednesday be sure to visit Oh My Sugar High Baking Blog and Emilie at Baby Loving Mama. … [Read more...]

Excuse Me While I Weep

kaydence before preschool

I don't like to cry, especially not emotional tears, you know, the kind that make your nose all stuffy and throat close up as you struggle not to let anymore tears escape. Yet somehow, I know I'll be weeping those emotional tears in just a few hours when my baby girl spends her first day at pre-school. I know, I know, in a few weeks it'll be no big deal and I'll even probably welcome the silence as she spends 3 hours a day anywhere but here. … [Read more...]

Duncan Hines Decadent Cakes – Apple Caramel

You know it's Autumn in the Midwest when the temperatures start dropping into the 70's, evening comes a little earlier and you catch the scent of warm apples baking in my kitchen. It's absolutely, without a doubt, the most wonderful time of the year. As much as I like to create my own recipes and bake from scratch, there's also something to be said for baking from a box. It's not only easier, but it can taste just as good as had you made … [Read more...]

I Got Snap Happy at the Park

kaydee in a tree

I can't help but be in the best mood ever this weekend. The weather in sunny, in the 70's and just completely PERFECT! If it was this way year round I'd the smiliest (yeah not a word) person you'd have ever met.  Of course, I could be even happier if I could eat whatever I wanted, this Weight Watchers point crap is killing me. Aside from that, it really has been a spectacular weekend thus far. I mean really, what could be better than feeding … [Read more...]

Getting a Weight Off My Chest (and everywhere else)

feet on scale

This week something has been weighing heavily on mind ... my weight. For the first time in months I stepped on our scale and was completely shocked by what I saw. Don't get me wrong, I'm not completely oblivious to the fact I've been gaining weight but I never imagined it was quite this much. All the signs were there ... a little extra chub in my cheeks, tighter fitting jeans, grunting when I roll over in bed, the signs were there, yet I … [Read more...]

Laundry Experiments with New Wisk Stain Spectrum

kaydee experiementing

After being introduced the new Wisk Stain Spectrum laundry detergent last month, I received this very cool little kit to do some experimenting at home. To get things started, I called on the help of my daughter, Kaydence, who is responsible for at least 20% of the stains I fight on a daily basis. Together we opened up our Wisk Summer Science Kit that included: Protein Stained Fabric Swatch Bottle of Wisk Deep Clean Laundry … [Read more...]

0 to 9 in the Blink of an Eye

mattison birthday picture

It's really flabbergasting for me to think that it has been a whole 9 years since my son was born. NINE YEARS?!? Where has this time gone? My parents sure weren't kidding when they said the older you get the fast time goes by. It's most definitely true. At 11:45pm tonight, my baby big boy will be turning 9. Happy Birthday Buddy, we love you!!! … [Read more...]