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A Side-Kick for Your Keurig, K-Cup Countertop Storage Drawer

k cup storage drawer

It's no secret that I'm a K-Cup portion pack hoarder. At any given time I easily have 100 K-Cups scattered around my kitchen. I like to keep a good variety of tea, coffee and cocoa mixes on hand no matter what season it is. What I'm not very good at is organizing them. Recently, the folks at Green Mountain Coffee sent me the new K-Cup Countertop Storage Drawer. Unlike other organization systems I've tried, this is the first one that actually … [Read more...]

How to Brew the Perfect Iced Coffee Drink with K-Cups

Brew Over Ice Keurig Drink

Summer is here and it's a hot one! As much as we all enjoy a hot cup of coffee in the morning and a warm cup of tea before bed, this time of year we need to be thinking of drinks that will cool you down. If you're a Keurig owner, brewing iced coffee drinks and teas is a snap and cheaper than Starbucks. STEP 1 - Select a specially marked Brew Over Ice K-Cup. STEP 2 - Load your K-Cup into your Keurig single cup beverage brewer, designed for hot … [Read more...]

Gloria Jeans K-Cups at Coffee for Less

coffee for less logo

Have you ever heard the phrase, "Coffee ... the fuel of moms!"? No, okay, well it's quite possible I made it up but that doesn't change the fact that it's absolutely true. Every mom I know, including myself runs on coffee. The aroma, the flavor, the buzz, it all drives us for that morning cup to get the day going. The key is finding a coffee that suits your needs and is affordable. Meet Coffee for Less is a coffee retailer … [Read more...]

Hot Drinks for Your Keurig Brewer from Grove Square & Caza Trail #MC

Cup of Grove Square Cappuccino

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Sturm Foods, Inc. I received a promotional item and product samples as a thank you for participating I've owned a Keurig single cup brewing system for several years now. It's the one appliance in my kitchen that I seriously could not function without. The only thing I love more than the brewer is the variety of K-Cups I find to use in it. I have a lot of trusted favorites but I … [Read more...]

Italian Tiramisu Recipe with Italian Roast Coffee #YourPerfectCup

Italian Tiramisu with Italian Roast Coffee

*I was provided with KCup packs as part of the Green Mountain Ambassador program.* This time last week a new delivery from Green Mountain Coffee showed up on my door step. Inside this box was a gift basket full of baking goodies and a few boxes of Barista Prima Coffeehouse K-Cup portion packs. This line of coffee products includes: Italian Roast (Dark), French Roast (Darkest), Columbia Roast (Medium-Dark) and House Blend (Medium-Dark). Being a … [Read more...]

Donut House Baked Chocolate Glazed Donuts Recipe

Baked Chocolate Glazed Donut

Every month or so I get a special delivery from Green Mountain Coffee (the makers of KCup packs for your Keurig brewer). This month the delivery featured a variety of coffees from Donut House. Now, I've heard a lot about this brand but I've always been partial to my favorites, never stepping out of my routine to try something new but I'm glad I did. They've got a delicious collection of flavors that includes: Donut House Light Roast Coffee, … [Read more...]

New Products from Wilton for CUPCAKES!

Black and Pink Cupcakes for Valentine's Day

January was a pretty low-key month in my house and mostly mess-free in my kitchen. Why? I didn't get to do as much baking as I usually do. I spent most of the month sick between a lingering cold and then got hit with the flu and some sort of sinus infection. For the first time in over two months I'm actually feeling pretty healthy, aside from this lingering sinus infection going on. That said, I did get a little baking done. A package full of … [Read more...]

Folger’s Wakin’ Up Holiday App for iPhone

Folgers wakin up holiday app

This holiday season folks are using their iPhones for everything from recipe searching to bargain hunting. Me personally, I love to use my iPhone for photography and games. There are so many fun apps out there and today I added a new one, the Folger's Wakin' Up holiday app. This new app allows you to select a winter scene, snap a picture of someone you love and watch them transform into fun holiday characters. My daughter burst out in crazy … [Read more...]

Holiday Drink Recipes for Your Keurig Brewer

Keurig Holiday Drink Recipes

So far this has been the coldest week of the year to date. All I want to do is curl up in my down comforter with a hot cup of tea and a good movie. But that cup of tea does get old. If you're like me and looking for some ways to spice up your cold weather drinks, especially if you have a Keurig Brewer, then check out the recipes below. They're a unique spin on traditional K-Cup drinks with a few extra ingredients. Recipes include: Double Spicy … [Read more...]

Easy White Chocolate Vanilla Biscotti Recipe with Folger’s Gourmet Coffee

white chocolate vanilla biscotti recipe

Coffee and desserts are peas in a pod around our house. While some prefer their coffee for breakfast, I'm the kind of mom that needs an evening pick-me-up and something indulgent to wash away the stress of an afternoon with three hyper children. The only thing better than having dessert and coffee is when your coffee is the dessert. That's exactly what you get with the┬ápremium Folgers Gourmet Selections coffee line. Flavors from the gourmet … [Read more...]