iPhone Photography | The Three Little Pigs

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A few weeks ago my son started begging to buy more football cards. Nothing new. I’d heard it a million times since he’s become quite obsessed with collecting them. It wasn’t until he wanted to drop a $20 bill on a box of cards that something in me snapped. I couldn’t take it anymore and put an end to it by buying him and his sisters all piggy banks. From that point forward any money earned or gifted started going straight into the bank. They can each crack open their banks when they turn 16-ish and want to buy cars.

Somewhere in this process I got to wondering … do you make your kids save their money?

three little piggy banks

And of course they each got to pick out their own piggy banks with Mattison’s being the football pig (no surprise there), Kaydee’s being the princess pig (again no surprise) and Emma, being the totally unique kiddo she is, didn’t even want a pig and picked out a puppy.

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    I love the piggy banks your kids picked out. My little guy is too young to save but when he’s older I do plan on teaching him the value of saving money.

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    I love those piggy banks! My kids were really good at saving when they were younger. These days they tend to spend any money they get on clothes, music or snacks!

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      Oh gosh, my son has recently been asking for iTunes gift cards but he’d still rather spend it all on football cards.

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    I love those banks! Where did you get them?

    To a point I make them save. If Hunter gets a lot of money for his birthday, I’ll have him put a % in the bank and he can spend the rest. I try to do it with allowance, but that never works.

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    They get to save 1/3, spend 1/3 and give 1/3. They usually end up giving and saving more than they spend, though.

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    What a great idea! I love the banks that they chose. They will love these for years to come. I haven’t been very faithful in helping my kids to save their money. I need to get a lot better.

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    Those are super cute!
    Our kids are all 5 and under but I feel the money talk coming soon with the 5 year old!

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    I’ve tried helping Jake save his money, but it’s hard when he really wants something. He’s almost 16 though, so I do try to encourage him to wait to make purchases and find good deals.

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      Yeah, I’m sure trying to talk a 16 y/o out of spending money isn’t fun. I just keep reminding Matt in a few years he’ll want a car and I won’t be buying it, he will.

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    That’s a great idea!

    We let Kaila collect all the change around the house. She turned it all in last year and got $47. We then saved that money to make room and get rid of the change.

    I love their “piggies”

  9. says

    Aw, how adorable are those piggy (and doggy) banks! Personally, I’d totally be with Emma on this one and go for the dog :)

    I think it’s important to teach your kids about money-Saving it, managing it, etc.