Wordless Wednesday – iPhone Generation

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Just the other day my husband was saying how the kids born in the 2000’s were being referred to as the “Generation i” at work. Well, now I can see why. These little girls just love playing with our iPhones, especially when they’re loading with episodes of Dora and interactive Dr. Seuss stories.

baby playing with iphone

toddler playing with iphone

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  1. says

    Kids are SO much more technologically inclined than we were when we were younger, aren’t they?! They are growing up around SO much advanced technology – things we never even imagined at their ages. I never imagined a touch screen cell phone even in HIGH SCHOOL! They are precious :) Imagine the cool gadgets THEIR kids are going to be playing with! haha

    Go Generation i LOL :)

  2. says

    My kids are the same way! My son can operate the iPhone like nobody’s business. It’s kind of scary, actually. And my daughter even has a couple games that she can “play” all by herself. I wonder what THEIR children will be doing!?

  3. says

    My kids always want to play with my G1. They are going to be so knowledgeable about computers by 10 it’s ridiculous!!

  4. says

    Are they Pros? My son has always been more adept at using an iPhone than I am. I don’t even have one, my sister does and we saw her once and he can do whatever he wants on it.

  5. says

    I have both an iTouch and an iPad and Violet plays with the iPad far more than I do. She plays Diego, Sprout games, and a ton of spelling and letter games. She can even turn on music.

    And she’s not even 20 months old yet.

  6. Betty N says

    What wonderful pics! These things are just part of their everyday life….wonder what they will have when they grow up….

  7. says

    So cute!!!

    My husband is a computer nerd, so I’m sure my kids will end up being better at all of this stuff than I am pretty soon!

  8. says

    YES YES YES! I love my iPhone because I can do almost everything on it. I even write my blog posts on it when I;m on the run. :) My 3 year usually uses my old iPhone. He takes it everywhere & plays all the kiddy apps. When we are out & about, people look at us like “WOW mom & son have iPhones…spoiled!” The fact is: my old iPhone has a cracked screen, beat up, & doesn’t power down unless the battery goes dead. So that is why I allow him to “have” it. Either way my son loves it & it saves me my sanity. He knows the ins & outs of it & can actually show other people how too use it. HAHAHAHAH

  9. Mari says

    What is funny is when the young-ens know more about computers and technology than their grandparents. It is so funny to watch my 6 year old nephew teaching grandma how to text!

  10. says

    This is so true. We don’t have iPhones but we do have the iPod Touch and the kids love it just as much as we do. We have apps for everyone in our family on them.

  11. says

    I may not have an Iphone but I do have a BlackBerry and yup…. I’ve downloaded Dora and HannahMontana from YouTube in an effort to entertain the kids for a few minutes while waiting in the van. Definitely the I generation!

  12. Dee says

    hahah your baby is just chilling checking up on her iphone apps no big deal hahah so cute!

  13. Tamara B. says

    Too cute. My nephew who is four already takes computer classes two times week. Technology is amazing!

  14. Soha Molina says

    I constantly find myself asking my daughter “How did you learn that?” when it comes to her working on the PC. She learns so quickly and all I have to do is show her once how to do something. I don’t even remember showing it to her.