Winter Quality Coat Showdown – 4 Coats, 4 Brands, 1 Winner

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Winter is just about upon us and here in the Midwest it gets cold, really cold. Right now we’re in the final days of Fall with arctic breezes and chilling rain, next up we’ll get our share of snow dumped on us and I’m more than ready for it.

Two weeks ago I was given a challenge where I was given four different winter coats, all by a different brand with an interesting twist … I don’t know which brand sponsored this challenge. This made reviewing each of these coats a lot of fun, especially since I don’t really care about brand names when it comes to winter attire. The only thing on my mind is staying warm and comfortable.


quality coat challenge

Nautica Coat – priced at $199.99 (BEST)

Hood: It features a furry rim, wooly interior and combined with the wooly collar provides a strong front against wind and sleet. Of all the coats tested it was also the only hood that fit comfortably and stayed in place without obscuring my vision.
Material: The outer material is soft, silky and quilted providing wind resistance. It also allows for comfortable movement and flexibility in the arm and waist areas. The inner lining is thin and less soft than the outer material. The insulation is thick but not bulky and the quilting keeps it evenly distributed throughout the coat.
Wrist Cuffs:  This is one area this coat is lacking. The wrist cuffs are simple and relaxed, offering little protection from wind but does allow me to easily use long gloves.
Buttons, Pockets, Accessories: Six outer pockets offer adequate storage space for personal items and most feature a zipper or button closure for protection.
Overall: This coat is my particular favorite because overall it’s quite warm, not too bulky and has me covered from head to waist. It’s also is the most flattering in terms of style and color.

Land’s End Coat – priced at $179.50 (GREAT)

Hood: My least favorite of the three coats in terms of the hood features. This one is exceptionally warm with fur edge and furry collar. However, the hood is not adjustable and completely covers my line of vision. I was forced to hold the hood up while I walked making it very inconvenient, even possibly dangerous while walking through a parking lot.
Material: The material is soft throughout and quite cozy. Every aspect of the coat from the neck to waist is flexible and comfortable whether sitting in the car or walking outdoors. The insulation is evenly distributed and the perfect thickness (as a personal preference).
Wrist Cuffs: The cuffs feature an inner fleece lining that fits snugly and comfortably.
Buttons, Pockets, Accessories: Three outer zip pockets and one inner pocket offer a lot of storage space. The waist of the coat features an adjustable band with snaps that make it easy to wear form fitting or loose.
Overall: If it weren’t for the less than functional hood, this would have been my top pick of all the coats. It offers warmth, comfort and convenience, all qualities that make it my second favorite.

lands end coat

LL Bean Coat – priced at $179.99 (GOOD)

Hood: The hood features a fur lining, thin cover but is very adjustable. A zipper allows you to remove the entire hood and a second zipper allows you to remove the furry edge. The top of the hood also offers a Velcro adjustable strap so that I was able to reposition it and not have my vision obstructed.
Material: The outer material is thin, quilted and very flexible however the insulation is on the thin side. While it is decently warm, there is some room for improvement.
Wrist Cuffs: A second cuff made with a soft, flexible fleece offers very comfortable wind/cold protection making this a big plus for this coat.
Buttons, Pockets, Accessories: Two outer zipper pockets are roomy but chilly because of the thin lining and a belt wrap accessory is included but feels unnecessary and creates more work when bundling up.
Overall: My least favorite in terms of style but my third favorite in overall performance.

LLbean coat

Gap Coat – priced at $99.00 (OKAY)

Hood: This coat features NO hood, only a puffy collar for neck protection from wind.
Material: The outer material is soft and water resistant and the inner lining is quite thin. However, my least favorite quality of this coat is the insulation which feels poorly distributed and especially bulky and restrictive in the arms.
Wrist Cuffs: The cuffs are cinched at the wrist which keeps the lower arms very warm.
Buttons, Pockets, Accessories: Even though this coat only includes two outer pockets, they are fleece lined and great for warming cold hands.
Overall: I’d say this is my least favorite coat from all that were worn but would still make a warm jacket for early or late winter when the temperatures aren’t as harsh. However in terms of style, it feels very manly … even my dad was checking it out asking why I have a “man’s coat”.

So there you have it … four winter coats in a variety of styles and price ranges. Leave a comment and let me know what you think about them and which style you could see yourself wearing.

Disclosure – The Quality Coat Review was a blind review.  In order to give my unbiased opinions, I am unaware of the company that sponsored the effort.  While the opinions are my own, I am being compensated through Mom Spark Media for my time.

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  1. So much of it for me would be based on color to start, because no matter how well made it was, if I don’t like the color, I won’t buy it. It’s kinda hard to tell for sure on the styling, but the one I would pick up first based on what I can see is the light colored coat.

  2. With all of these coats, you are sure going to be warm this winter. I think I like them all, but would probably go with the Nautica!

  3. Good to know, love that you reviewed them this way, so cool! I would have chosen the Gap coat (most my style) out of all of them by just looks.

  4. I agree with you…your favorite looks the best on you!

    And, the Gap one, totally looks like a man’s coat.

  5. As far as style goes you made the right choice with the Nautica. It looks very good on you as well as the most slimming of the 4.

  6. I like the Nautica coat and Gap on you best, but I’d have to see them in persona nd feel them to decide for myself. Great review!

  7. I definitely agree with the one you picked as “best”! Not a huge fan of the color, though I like it best out of all of them, but I love the style of it and it looks great on you :-)

  8. I like the Nautica Coat , it looks the best & I love the color

  9. Marlena U. says:

    Love the Nautica coat based on appearance. But, glad to see it’s your favorite!

  10. Debbie jackson says:

    love to try the nautica…great review debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  11. lol the GAP one would have actually been my #1 pick because of the hood! I hate anything lined with that fur!

  12. I actually like the GAP one. =)

  13. Ellen C. says:

    They all look like they’d really keep you warm which is what i definitely need in New England. If I could choose I’d pick the lands end coat. thanks!

  14. From your review and the pics, I like the Nautica best too.

  15. What a fun review!
    I agree with your top choice for sure! I also agree that the Gap one just looks bulky and the length on it really isn’t a flattering lady length like the others!

  16. Ashley - Embracing Beauty says:

    I like the Nautica coat the best too! What a fun review.

  17. Those are all pretty warm-looking coats! I actually would like the Gap one for when it gets cold in Miami. The others look too warm! LOL Thanks for sharing!