Fitness Find | Why I Love the FitBit for Weight Loss Tracking

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Let me start by saying this NOT a paid endorsement in any way. I purchased not one but two FitBit trackers (one for myself and one for my husband). I have no affiliations with FitBit or their PR agency.

About a month ago I started a personal journey that I like to call battling the mommy fat. For ten years I’ve either been pregnant, breastfeeding or eating away the chaotic moments of raising my kids ages 3 – 10. As a girl that started out with a very athletic build and hovering around 125lbs, I found myself shell-shocked when I stepped on the scale and saw 180 lbs staring me in the face. In 10 years I gained 55 lbs and looking back, I see exactly how I gained it all.

I stopped running.

I stopped walking.

I started eating fast food.

I drowned my PMS in chocolate and large slices of cake.

I stopped caring each time a jean size got bigger.

I gave up on myself.

Excuses, low-self esteem, lack of concern for my own needs and appearance all led me to this turning point. While I’ll always be a mommy, that’s not all I am. At one point in my life I was a sprinter, I was an artist and even had dreams of becoming a criminal scientist. Instead of embracing the things I loved and wanted in life I found myself knee deep in diapers, laundry and assembly line cooking for the kids. Today, I find myself on the treadmill walking, remembering that “runner’s high” that I loved so much and even losing weight while doing it.

My secret – the FitBit. It’s my motivation, my accountability and my new best friend.

FitBit Tracker

The FitBit tracker is much like a basic pedometer suped up with some premium features. The device itself is small and discreet, about the size of my thumb and can be clipped anywhere on your body. I’ve experimented with clipping it in my pants pocket, my t-shirt and even bra which happens to be the most comfortable and convenient place for me. A bra is one article of clothing I wear all day long. I change my pants and shirts throughout the day and found that I would leave the tracker on a piece of clothing and lose those stats.

  • Steps
  • Distance
  • Calories Burned
  • Stairs Climbed
  • Activity Flower
  • Sleep Activity
fitbit tracker

Premium Features

One of the first things I did after getting my FitBit set up was to check out the paid premium service. While it’s not necessary to subscribe I’ve found it to be extremely helpful for setting goals. My favorite aspect of the premium service is the FitBit trainer which monitors your activity level and gives you measurable goals to attain daily to lose more weight and become more active. I’m currently categorized as LIGHTLY ACTIVE – similar to someone who walks at work, does some house chores and does light exercise.

fitbit goal tracking

Well, that’s not good enough for me. I want my ACTIVE lifestyle back and to push me into that category the FitBit Trainer gives me measurable goals to reach every single day such as activity calories, weekly steps and distance.

fitbit weight loss trainer

If you’re the competitive type like I am, you can even see how you rank among other FitBit users. These are just a few of the Premium features that I use and enjoy. You can pay for these extra stats for $49.99 per year but again, it’s not necessary, just a bonus.

fitbit benchmark

So why do I LOVE the FitBit?

I’m a numbers girl. I succeed by having concrete information and stats that I can track and calculate. Each day I wake up knowing exactly what number I need to reach for my steps, miles and I can set little goals throughout the day to get me to that point. Then I can go back to the FitBit website and watch those changes happen, log activities, food and see how I compare to my FitBit friends and other users. After a month of use, I know this is the right weight loss system for me because I lost 10 lbs and a jean size! That was all the proof I needed and I continue to work hard every single day to reach my 140lb goal.

Buy FitBit

You can purchase the FitBit directly from the online website or my favorite, Amazon. The FitBit Blue is currently priced around $97 and the FitBit Plum (pink) is priced around $99 both with Free Super Saver Shipping.

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  1. says

    I love mine too! I love that I can keep track of my foods and it does all the math for my daily calorie intake and expendature. It also syncs to my Nike Plus so my runs are tracked more accurately as far as calories burned.

  2. Jamie says

    How does it know how many calories you’ve burned? I thought you needed a heart rate monitor for that?

      • Jamie says

        Oh, I see. So if you were to workout (to a video or Zumba class or whatever) it probably wouldn’t give you the right amount. I’ve been looking at buying a HRM and was wondering if I should just get this instead but I’m thinking a HRM is better bet for me since I workout 5 times a week.

        Thank you for your reply! :)

  3. says

    Congratulations on losing 10 lbs and a jean size so far! That’s quite an accomplishment and it’s just one step closer to your overall goal :)

    This sounds like a pretty darn neat and handy tool to have! I, too, miss that runners high; heck, I miss exercising all together! I absolutely LOVE exercising and being so ill sometimes I can’t get out of bed, it’s hard to achieve that “burn” I love so much.

  4. Kayla says

    I LOVE MY FITBIT! It’s amazing and I’m so happy to see someone else who loves it as much as I do! I find myself checking it everytime I go to the bathroom and set goals for myself. And I LOVE when I get past 10,000 steps in a day :) I also sync it with my LoseIt! calorie tracker app on my iPhone. SO AWESOME! Stay motivated and keep it going! I know you’ll achieve your goal!