Wet Ones Germ Experiments from Bill Nye the Science Guy

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Bill Nye the Science guy teamed up with Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes to create some fun science experiments to teach kids the importance of clean hands. As a mom to three kids, I understand the importance of keeping germs from spreading, but often have trouble relaying that message to my kids in a way that they understand. Luckily, I received a Wet Ones Healthy Hand Zone experiment kit to get hands on with germs and show my son just how easy it easy to spread and kill germs.

A week ago we started our first experiment that compared germ growth on bread in three different ways. Watch in as we share our results plus conduct another fun experiment that showed my son just how easy it is the spread germs to his family and friends. It’s one lesson I don’t think he’ll forget.

As you just saw, germs are so easily spread but can be easily killed by taking the time to either 1) wash your hands thoroughly or 2) use Wet Ones Antibacterial Wipes to kill off 99.99% of germs. Personally, I find the wipes really convenient for my kids to use especially when we’re on the go. The individual Wet Ones packets are perfect for keeping the car, my purse, my son’s backpack. The larger Wet Ones wipe tubs are great for keeping in each room of the house.

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Parents and teacher, be sure to check out the Wet Ones Healthy Hands Zone Germ Lab where you can watch all of Billy Nye’s germ experiments, download instructions on how to do the experiments at home and give your kids a great lesson in being germ free.

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Disclosure – Energizer Personal Care provided the supplies and Flip UltraHD video camera for this review at no cost to me. This review is not being administered or sponsored in any way by Playtex or its affiliates, but solely by 3 Kids and Us. Any questions or comments regarding this review must be sent to me at 3 Kids and Us and not to Energizer Personal Care.

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  1. Fran Major says

    This would be a great way to teach my grand daughter how to clean up. call8866721 at gmail dot com

  2. says

    oh my goodness.. I used to watch Bill Nye everyday after school.
    I carry sanitizer everywhere, may have to get some of these for my car!
    We actually have wet ones for our students!

  3. says

    My oldest son who is now in the Army, loved Bill Nye! I think he learned more science from him than he did in school! Because he thought Bill was cool.

  4. says

    Bill Nye is fun to watch. I have always liked Science. I would have loved it if I had had a teacher like Bill. Thanks for sharing this review.

  5. says

    Wow, what a cool experiment! And a great visual aid for kids who believe that parents wanting them to wash their hands often are really conspiring against them instead of trying to help them. ;-) Thanks for taking the time to make the video, I really enjoyed it. :)

  6. Maureen Timerman says

    Enjoy watching Bill Nye. Keep telling the kids the importance of washing. Thanks!

  7. Angela L. says

    We did some neat experiments for hand germs in my Microbiology class. So interesting!

    Angela L.

  8. Donna B. says

    I love Bill Nye – heck, even my 21 year old son loves watching him! Thanks for sharing this, I bookmarked it to show my son when he comes home next week. Living in the dorm, he’s exposed to germs galore so this will be good info for him to have.