Weekend Things | Oh Christmas Tree

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Our weekend in pictures …

Holiday Decorating with a Wreath

Our holiday adventures started with a trip to Frosty’s Christmas trees. We had planned on going to a local tree farm to cut one down ourselves but well, it’s freaking cold out there. We settled for a pre-cut tree but not before the kids tried to take down the giant blow up Frosty. All I wanted was to snap a pic of all three kids in front of him but someone (eh hem Emma) bumped into Frosty and somehow unplugged him. The whole thing started collapsing towards the kids sending everyone into a fit of fear, followed by laughter.

 Collapsing Blow Up Frosty

The kind tree guy got Frosty plugged back in so we could get our quick picture.

Giant Blow Up Frosty the Snowman

Then we got all bundled up to get Christmas lights on the house. After a few not-so-nice words between my husband and I, I left him to brave the cold while I got my frozen tush back in the house.

4 Freezing while Hanging Christmas Lights

And because I don’t torture my family enough by making every tv in the house play the full 24 hours of A Christmas Story on Christmas Eve, I had to go and find a mini Leg Lamp for my Christmas table. I doubt I’ll ever convince my husband to buy me the full sized A Christmas Story Leg Lamp …. but I’m sure gonna try.

ound a mini leg lamp

When we finally got around to decorating the tree, the kids got to add some new ornaments this year. Kaydee picked out the 2013 Holiday Barbie Ornament and a Fancy Nancy ornament, from her favorite books.

6 kaydees hallmark ornaments

Emma added her favorites … Ariel and Minnie Mouse.

7 emmas hallmark ornaments

While Matt, the ultimate Packers fan, had to put his Brett Favre ornament at the top of the tree.

8 matts packers ornament

Hubby even picked out a singing ornament … National Lampoon’s station wagon.

9 dads national lampoon christmas ornament

When it was all said and done, we took in the beauty of our mixed bag tree. Unlike previous years, we skipped the fancy, color coordinated decorations.

10 decorated christmas tree


12 christmas bulb sparkling

Even Tink got in on the decorating fun … without eating the tree or decorations.

11 christmas puppy

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  1. Maralea says:

    Sounds like you had a great time (and somewhat adventurous) day! Lots of great memories were made:) Your tree is beautiful!

  2. The deflating snowman is funny! Whoops!

    Actually, I love the mismatched trees a lot more than color coordinated ones, because there’s so much history in the ornaments that are picked.

  3. Shannon says:

    Beautiful tree and I love the puppy. What a cutie!

  4. Wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing. I must say, though, that the blow-up Frosty is creepy! LOL! Your little doggie is being so good. That’s a day you’ll remember fondly, I’m sure.

  5. Christina says:

    I usually do the themed/color coordinated tree every year too… this year we went with a mismatched of whatever the kids wanted to put up – ornaments that I got from my grandma before she passed (they are OLD! ornaments but I love them)… made some glitter and melted crayon ornaments. And I actually love it! I even surprised myself. Your tree looks great… and I must play the 24-hours of a Christmas Story too. I need a leg lamp!

  6. What a fun filled, holiday weekend! Ours was similar ;)

  7. That Frosty deflation made me laugh so hard my husband asked me what was wrong! talk about classic!

    We always do eclectic trees…love the memories of all the different ornaments.

    As for the leg lamp AND the station wagon, I may have to get them BOTH for hubs! too funny!