Weekend Things

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This past weekend wasn’t particularly special. We spent a lot of time at the mall with the kids, bouncing around the stores and watched that absolutely awful Lifetime remake of Flowers in the Attic. It was so bad I had to find the 1987 version to show my husband why, as he’d never seen it before.

Speaking of movies, this was a completely ridiculous purchase but I had my reasons. We got the girls a copy of Disney’s Frozen soundtrack to the play in the van. I was a little surprised at just how difficult it was to find this CD although I shouldn’t have been. I haven’t actually bought a music CD in YEARS, possibly a decade. Anyways, even though I thought all of the musical tid bits throughout the Frozen movie made my ears bleed a bit, my daughters absolutely loved it. I can’t get these girls to stop singing the few verses of ‘Let It Go’ that they do know. The second reason I bought it was because I thought I’d have a good laugh watching my husband huff, puff and sigh at having to listen to a kid’s music CD. But the joke was on me, while I was staring out the windshield praying the CD player would spontaneously combust, he was driving and singing right along with the kids. Apparently, Olaf’s ‘In Summer’ song is his jam.

frozen movie music soundtrack

In other news, Miss Tink, our puppy that came home the size of piglet is now more like a whole hog. She’s got a healthy appetite (and an awful table begging problem) and has the chub to prove it. Aside from her rapid growth, I can’t believe how smart she is.

tink the sleeping labrador

We’ve got the basic commands of ‘sit’, ‘down’, ‘come’, ‘drop it’ and ‘go home’ all down. She’s a little naughty about ‘stay’ and leash training is well, not fun. But the thing that really caught my attention was her ability to catch a frisbee! I tossed it to her a few times in the house and the 5th time, she caught it in her mouth. To say I squealed of epic proportions would be an understatement.

tink the yellow labrador

She also has quite the begging habit. I haven’t had a peaceful meal since she learned those puppy eyes are irresistible to me (for now).

tink the begging labrador

Miss Kaydee had her second basketball game! We let the kids try any sport they want to play at least once so they can get a feel for what they do/don’t like. I have a feeling this will be her first and last season of basketball. She felt that way about soccer as well. This spring we’ll give t-ball a shot but honestly, I think trying to get her excited about any real sport is a waste of time. She has her heart set on being a cheerleader for which I have no comment. I’ll support her passions and leave it at that.

kaydee chatham basketball

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  1. Cat,

    To this day, the original Flowers in the Attic scares me enough where I’m afraid to watch it alone. It has been available to watch on Netflix and even though I’ve wanted to see it, I’ve put it off. I have to find a time when I am able to watch it during the daytime; less scary :-). Since you gave a warning, I will steer clear of the remake, which I’m sure wasn’t necessary to make.

    As far as the children’s music, that is what you get. I can only listen to children’s tunes for a couple of minutes before I just can’t take it anymore. My older children used to play one CD when I was pregnant and anytime I hear that CD now, it makes me nauseous.

    • Can you believe the first time I watched that movie I was probably around 8? Talk about scaring a child. Even at 34, my husband was very upset by the story line in both movies. I think that’s a lot harder to watch once you’re a parent yourself.

  2. I haven’t bought a CD in ages either.

    Tink is getting SO BIG. I kind of have to laugh since you don’t like dogs :)

    • LOL She’s winning me over. I really can’t complain because compared to what the cats destroy, she’s a perfect angel. But I’ll never adjust to the doggy smell.