We have Lift Off!

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I knew it was coming, I’ve been dreading it…my sweet, helpless baby girl is becoming a my big baby girl! For the past week or so she’s been walking every surface she can get her hands on. She’s had a few tumbles here and there but I have a feeling in less than 6 weeks she’ll be taking her first steps. I’ve gotten her to balance on her own for about 5 seconds at a time…so we’re getting there.

She’s definitely been hitting physical milestones much quicker than her brother and sister did but I have a feeling that comes with younger siblings. As parents we grow and learn how to teach our children better.




Happy Wordless Wednesday! Don’t forget to drop the link to yours in the comments so I can come visit.

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  1. says

    Awww…she’s getting so big! :) In that first pic it looks like she’s saying, ‘please don’t let go!’ lol Happy WW Cat! :)

  2. says


    Wow! You go Emma. She’s walking very early. I met a mommy whose son started walking at eight months. I met her when he was eleven months. Not bad, but it was her first baby and she was worn out.

    You’re right about teaching children better each go around. I was the first in my family and always deemed myself as my parent’s “tester baby.” My younger siblings had it so much easier.

    You can visit me and see my WW picture here.

    Thanks for the link.

  3. says

    So cute!!! Our son [he’s 10 months] is on the verge of taking his hands off tables and couches and walking on his own! Its so much fun to watch them hit all these milestones! good luck!!!

  4. says

    I swear she was just born! how is she so close to walking already??? I guess she wants to keep up with the older ones. Cute shots Cat :)

  5. says

    Aww! I love the pictures! She looks too tiny to be cruising! *lol* My son (almost 11 months old) just started pulling himself up on things a few weeks ago. He cruises a little bit, but I don’t think he’ll be walking before his first birthday.

  6. Catherine says

    Oh wow…she’s so beautiful. And I wish Sarah would pull up or even attempt…heck she doesnt even want to crawl yet!!

  7. says

    How absolutely adorable is she! My almost one year old just started really walking (though now it’s really more like running) two weeks ago and its the cutest thing ever! Happy WW!

  8. says

    She is just so precious! My daughter walked about a month earlier than her brother did. So sad to see them grow up so fast.

  9. Nancy says

    She’s so cute! As I always say, when baby starts walking, mommy starts running to keep up! Looks like she about ready to take off!

  10. says

    She’s adorable. I have found that the younger sibling (at least in my case) does hit those milestones faster.