Warm Dippable Fun with Campbell’s Tomato Soup and The Wisest Kid

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Last weekend we had our first big snow of the year.  After an afternoon of fun and sledding with the kid, we brought them back into our cozy, warm house for some dippable fun!

Campbell’s Condensed Tomato soup has always been a staple in my pantry since the big kid in me still likes to have a bowl and dip my grilled cheese right in there. But you’d be surprised to know there are a lot of other ways to use tomato soup. For instance, tomato soup makes a great kid-friendly dip for finger foods. After our snow adventure, I baked a pan of breaded mozzarella sticks and toasted ravioli.

Campbells Tomato Soup Dip with Toasted Ravioli

Rather than a bowl of marinara, I heated up a warm bowl of Campbell’s Condensed Tomato Soup for some dipping fun. Miss Emma was a big fan! Kids can dip a few appetizers in mini bowls of tomato soup and finish it off with a spoon.

Campbells Tomato Soup Dippable Fun

Even The Wisest Kid in the Whole World agrees that tomato soup is the go-to choice for kids (and adults) that need a little something to warm the tummy.

For even more warm winter meal ideas that your kids will love, try some of these recipes.

  • Warm cheese can melt the hearts of most kids, so what better meal than one that highlights the yummy ingredient! Try Cheeseburger Mac n Cheese, Cheesy Chicken and Potato Casserole or mini Mac n Cheese Cups.
  • The Wisest Kid says, “Broccoli on the side gets denied.” We all want to find a variety of options at mealtime that the family will enjoy, while kids just want food that tastes good. Luckily, these two things don’t have to be different with recipes like Chicken Broccoli Divan, Mini Shepherd’s Pies or The Ultimate Slow Cooked Pot Roast.

You can keep up with The Wisest Kid in the Whole World online, listen to snippets of wisdom he’s sharing on his YouTube channel, connect with Campbell soup lovin’ parents on Facebook and chat with him on Twitter at @TheWisestKid.

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 This blog post is part of a compensated ambassador program with Campbell Soup Company. Opinions expressed are my own.




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  1. Yum! We have not had tomato soup in a long time and now I want some. I love it with toasted cheese sandwiches, but I also love your idea of using it as dipping sauce! My kids would enjoy that! Your daughter is too cute and that hair is beautiful!!!!

  2. OH YUM! And do you have a recipe for the ravioli? That looks really great!!

    • Yep, open freezer. pull out Farm Rich bag. Bake! LOL

      I’ve never made homemade ravioli before, but I have always wanted the pasta attachment for mixer to make some.

  3. I havent tried tomato soup growing up because I hate tomatoes. I don’t know why. But this looks delicoius enough to try them!

    • Oh really? You know what, my husband hates tomatoes too but he likes the soup. I think it’s the texture difference.

  4. Oooo mozzerella sticks in tomato soup?! I would have never thought of that, that would be an awesome (and easy) weekend lunch or dinner! Thanks for the idea!

  5. I love this ideas, because you when you’re done dipping, you can just finish the soup off. :)

  6. Ooooo, love that idea of dipping those hot baked cheesy treats into tomato soup instead! The Wisest Kid is a smart one!

  7. I wouldn’t have thought to use tomato soup in place of a marina sauce, but that’s smart!

  8. I would never have thought of using tomato soup as a dip. Genius!

  9. We dip grilled cheese..I had never even considered anything else. Great ideas!!

  10. Oh, this is genius! It looks so delicious too, I may have to pick some up today!

  11. I never thought about using tomato soup as a dipping sauce! What a good idea!

    Now I want to go out and buy some!

  12. I love grilled cheese and tomato soup. I never would have thought to use it to dip finger foods, but my daughter would love this.

  13. My kid’s love Campbells Tomato soup! They skip the sides and go straight for the Goldfish in the bowl. The two of them (ages 3 and 5) can polish an entire can of Tomato Soup (along with Goldfish!)

  14. Great idea. I am a huge tomato soup fan, especially loving it with my grilled cheese. I’ll have to see how my kids like using it as a dip.

  15. This looks so COMFORTING. Feeling like crap today. Wish I could eat up and take a nap. :)

  16. I’m drooling over the toasted ravioli. I think I need to add that to my grocery list :)

  17. I love Tomato Soup on a cold winters day and my husband will not eat it unless he has grilled cheese to dip in it so your dipping sauce is a perfect idea!

  18. Funny!! I’m eating that soup right now with some grilled cheese. Perfect for a cold day.

  19. Now this is some comfort food right here! We had snow earlier in the month and a bowl of tomato soup with some cheesey goodness would have been the perfect way to warm up.

  20. What a cute idea! I’ve never thought of using soup as a dipping sauce before.

  21. I need to get my son to try tomato soup at some point. I don’t really dig it myself, but if he’ll eat it that’s one more thing I can add to the list of fewds I can buy that he’ll actually put into his mouth :P

  22. YUM! I just started heating up a can of Campbell’s Tomato Soup for lunch. I wish I had some ravioli in the house. This is such a great idea for dinner.

  23. This looks so good. I want a bowl right now.

  24. I love tomato soup!! This is a great idea and perfect for winter nights!!

  25. I used to love a bowl of tomato soup with a sandwich when I was a little girl. Now it’s like an old friend when I see it.

  26. I love Campbell’a Tomato Soup, but have never thought of using it as a dipping sauce. I’ll have to get more creative with it now that it’s turning chilly and the perfect weather for it!

  27. That sounds so delicious, especially on my sore throat right now. Yum!

  28. Betty Baez says:

    Great i never thought to use campbells tomato soup to dip anything other than grilled cheese. Going to make this for lunch!