VIDEO RECIPE | How to Make Dessert Crepes #Troop8x #HTC8

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Last week I had this urgent craving for some dessert crepes. Not familiar with a crepe? Well, it’s like a really thin pancake that you can fill with a sweet pastry cream and fruits. Or you could fill it with a pudding and drizzle it with chocolate … the possibilities are endless here.

Strawberry and Pastry Cream Dessert Crepes

Since the Windows 8X phone by HTC was delivered I’ve been itching to try out the video capabilities. I’ve already been exploring it the camera which is 10 times more amazing than my other cell phone. You can do a lot with the settings like adjust the white balance, effects (sepia, grayscale & more), contrast, saturation, resolution, iso, face detection and sharpness. This is important for me when I’m photographing food with no natural light. In fact, that photo above was taken with the Windows 8X around 11pm when it was dark as can be.

Content and/or other value provided by our partner, HTC.

Back to video recording … I thought it would be fun to show you how I make crepes recorded with the Windows 8X.

I like using the video recording feature of the 8X by HTC because it’s easy. After creating a video you can share it with Google Mail, a message or SkyDrive. Unfortunately it doesn’t offer an option to publish directly to YouTube, which would be handy if you don’t have any editing to do.

Ready to see the recipe? Click below to watch.

Disclosure – I received the Windows 8X by HTC through Social Chorus to test out and share my experiences. #Troop8X #HTC8

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  1. Oh how I wish I could have crepes…your food always makes me hungry. You’re a culinary genius, my friend. (Rereading this sounded like a spam comment, sorry about that lol!)

  2. YUMMMMMMMY!!!! Ok, so here’s my question. If I make up the batter, does it keep (in the fridge)? And if it does, how long will it last?

    • No, it’s like pancake batter, you should use it right away.

      • Ok, thanks! (So much for making just one, huh?!) I think these would be fun to take for Church breakfast though! I wonder how many batches I’ll have to make.

        • You could cut the batch in half. I also put unused ones in the fridge and wrap in Saran wrap. They’re okay in there for a couple of days.

  3. Love a good crepe and your video was great! I agree that the camera on this phone is really a good one.

  4. Nom Nom Nom! I’ve been wondering how to make crepes! Thank you for the video tutorial!

  5. You’re killing me, those look so good!!

  6. Cool!

  7. Your food looks amazing as always! I keep hearing so many awesome things about the HTC8, I am starting wonder if I should trade in my beloved iPhone…

    • It’s easy to fall in love with this phone. Aside from missing Instagram, I’ve switched over. I adore this phone.

  8. Okay, that looks delish! Since I’m being really careful with calories and carbs, do you have any idea as to the count of the crepe itself?

    • LOL did I mention that is one heck of a video – better than my video camera itself!

    • I added up the calories and for the entire batch of batter it’s around 1200 calories and you could easily get 12 crepes making them around 100 calories each. You could then fill it with a low fat yogurt and fresh fruit for a really healthy breakfast.

  9. I haven’t had crepes since middle school french class and I won’t say exactly how many years ago that was!!! Definitely going on the must make sometime soon list.