Turn Instagram Photos into Artwork with Printstagram

Instagram became an instant hit for me when I first downloaded the app onto my iPhone. Suddenly I felt like an awesome photographer with all those professional photo filters right at my finger tips. Okay, so maybe it didn’t actually make me an awesome photographer but it made ordinary pictures become extraordinary (to me).

So looking at the Food Family & Finds instagram stream you’ll notice I’ve managed to collect over 800 snapshots in the time I’ve been using it. They’re pretty to look at but I wanted something more. I wanted to show off my photos or at least turn them into something I could admire every day.

That’s when I found Printstagram. It’s an online service that lets you turn your Instagram photos in to high quality prints, keepsakes and even poster prints, which is exactly what I did.

Printstagram Photo Frame


I chose 96 of my favorite Instagram photos and uploaded them to the Printstagram website where they arranged and sized them for me into a beautiful print. When it arrived about 2 weeks after I ordered it we went out and got a $12 poster frame from the store and put it on the wall. It’s now the single most talked about piece of art work in our living room and great for reminiscing about our summer adventures, vacations and funny moments. I loved how it turned out so much that I plan to make one every single year and add it to the wall.


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