Travel Bites | Dinner and Dessert at the Marco Island Marriott

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If there’s one thing I enjoy more than a vacation itself it’s the food. For nearly two weeks there’s no grocery shopping, food prep, cooking or cleaning the table. I like to take full advantage of the care-free dining experience and embrace every opportunity to indulge in food prepared by someone else. While enjoying our stay at the Marco Island Marriott Resort we treated ourselves to a few on-site dining opportunities. Having so many dining options right there on the resort made it easy to keep ourselves fed and make the most of every minute on the property.

Room Service Dining

On the second night of our stay we were all feeling pretty exhausted from the sickness that had completely ravaged our family as we  hit the road. Then jumping right into sun and sand, long walks and it all just kinda left us depleted. That’s when my husband suggested we take advantage of the Marco Island Marriott room service dining option. The menu caters to breakfast, lunch, dinner, late night snacks and even dessert.

I ordered up a club sandwich and french fries that was a bit more than I had bargained for. Delivered to my door was a double decker sandwich stuffed with sliced turkey, crispy bacon, fresh lettuce and tomato all picked into three slices of toasted bread. It took three of us to eat it all.

marco island marriott room service club sandwich

My husband being the red meat eating man he is ordered a big burger with all the fixin’s and a side of hot fries. Much like my sandwich this bad boy was bigger than we had imagined and quite filling for a man with a big appetite.

marco island marriott room service hamburger

Not knowing dinner would be so filling we ordered desserts which included this delicious cheesecake with a side of strawberries and sauce.

marco island marriott cheesecake dessert

And of course my husband saw key lime which got his taste buds dancing for this key lime cheesecake.

marco island marriott key lime cheesecake

Even though dinner and dessert delivered right to your room comes with a hefty price tag, I still happen to think it’s worth it for the convenience and experience. Where else can you relax on the patio with a view of the beach and an exquisite plate of dessert in your hands?

400 Pazzi’s Pizza Dining

The following day we were enjoying the beach so much we decided to try a meal at 400 Pazzi’s which serves up brick oven pizza fired right in front of you. My meal was an individual Margarita pizza made with real mozzarella cheese, fresh tomatoes and basil. As I sat there moaning over every bite I kept thinking how much I hated this pizza for being better than my own homemade version.

marco island marriot quinns pizza margarita

Again, the meat eating hubby ordered himself a special of the day pizza that was packed with pepperoni, ham and sausage. What wasn’t devoured on site was stored in the Lanai suite refrigerator for a late night snack.

marco island marriot quinns pizza

The girls enjoyed a piping hot bowl of linguine and meatball that was big enough to feed an adult or two children.

marco island marriott quinns kids spaghetti

We also spent some time off the resort eating at some of our favorite restaurants, none more than 10 minutes away. However, if you’re visiting the Marco Island Marriott there really is no need to leave the property because there’s a dining option for every budget, meal and craving.

Other dining options on resort property:

  • Tropiks – a casual dining experience that’s family friendly for breakfast and lunch
  • Quinn’s on the Beach – a beach-side bistro and bar for eating on the go in a relaxing outdoor space
  • Kurrents – for couples looking for a signature dining experience
  • Korals – a cocktail and sushi bar located right in the lobby

Note – I was provided with a complimentary stay at the Marco Island Marriott but purchased all of the meals featured. 

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