Top 10 Recipes of 2012 at Food Family & Finds

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It’s hard to believe that 2012 is just about over. It seems like the year just began but here we are getting ready to count down the ball drop into 2013.

I spent a lot of time in the kitchen this year, it’s my favorite place to be. I love being able to cook and bake for the people I love and I love it even more when the meals I put on the table are appreciated. And boy do these kids appreciate a good meal. Most nights I don’t even have to worry about pre-rinsing a dish because they’re licking their plates clean. So to finish out the year I wanted to share the top 10 recipes from my kitchen … to yours!

Food Family Finds Top 10 Recipes of 2012

  1. CREAMY WHITE CHICKEN ENCHILADAS – The number one recipe was actually an experiment. It’s funny how things work out sometimes but I’m glad I shared this one. It’s a family-style dish that is great for a big casserole dish and one that everybody enjoys.
  2. PINK LEMONADE SHERBET PARTY PUNCH – A favorite for holiday parties, especially anything pink themed, we continue to make this recipe for special occasions and birthday parties. In fact, it will be on the table when I celebrate my 30th birthday next month.
  3. WHITE CHOCOLATE OREO FLUFF DESSERT – Great for picnics or whenever you have a major OREOS craving. We like to make the fluff for dessert when we’re grilling in the summer. It’s also great with other cookies like Grasshoppers or Golden OREOS.
  4. CINNAMON APPLE FRENCH TOAST WRAPS – I haven’t made these in a few months but with my New Year weight loss resolution, I need to get back to my skinny recipes. Whether you’re making breakfast or dessert, these wraps are delicious.
  5. VANILLA CHEESECAKE STUFFED STRAWBERRIES – When strawberries are ripe and in-season this is the best dessert a girl could ask for. You get the sweet berries and the creaminess of cheesecake all in one big bite.
  6. LOADED BAKED POTATO SALAD – Another summer grilling dish that’s perfect for a crowd and has all the comfort flavors of a baked potato. It’s so filling you could probably even serve it as a small meal.
  7. WEEKEND BREAKFAST BAKE – Family breakfasts are something we save for the weekends. My kids never fuss when I serve up this pizza-style breakfast bake and I feel great because I can sneak in some diced vegetables without any whining.
  8. OREO STUFFED CUPCAKES – Another OREO recipe which doesn’t surprise me. Oreos are the best cookie in the world and can only be made better if they’re baked into a fluffy cupcake.
  9. CREAMY SWEET CORN SALSA – This slow cooker side dish is packed with sweet corn and a creamy texture making it perfect for a party and some corn chips.
  10. LEMON GLAZED PULL-APART BREAD – Finally, one of the best for last. Pull-apart bread is great for a dessert or even as a sweet breakfast, especially for the holidays.
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    I love that you created this list because with school vacation here and me knowing you always share awesome recipes, I think this is the place to start! I would love to try to make a couple of these recipes with the kids!