Toddlers Wearing Nail Polish: Too Young or Too Cute?

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In today’s world of parenting controversy, moms are talking nail polish.

Yes, nail polish.

piggy paint neon drama toes

A little bottle of color added to fingernails and toenails used to make a fashion statement. As a parent of two little girls, “piggy painting” as we call it is actually one of my favorite activities to do with my girls. They’ve been enjoying it since they could walk and talk. The only nail polish concern I have is the chemicals used in it, which is why use a non-toxic nail polish made specially for kids.

When I think of things that are too young for kids and keeping them out of the hands and off the bodies of MY children, my mind goes to push-up bikinis and high heels.

Watch in as Soleil Moon Frye and co-host Daphne Brogdon discuss little girls in nail polish then let me know what you think. Do you allow your young daughter to wear nail polish?

(Note – Video doesn’t seem to be embedding properly, you can watch the toddlers and nail polish segment here.)

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  1. says

    I think its cute, plus Brookin wouldn’t not allow for her not get her nails painted. We’re not talking high heels it’s nail polish.

  2. says

    Yes, I have painted the toenails of my two year old before. I never really thought about the “toxic chemicals” in nail polish (I only painted her toed, not her fingers….so it’s not like she is putting the polish in her mouth at any point). I think it’s cute, on the toes especially. She wanted “pink toes” when she saw me painting mine, so I painted hers too. She was in heaven and LOVED it! I’m gonna check out that non-toxic polish though….it’d be good for when I do start painting her fingernails. ;-)


  3. says

    I dont have a problem with my 3 year old wearing it. She likes to be like mommy and we paint our nails together Although I there are certain colors i will not let her wear and am too concerned with the chemicals.

  4. says

    Sure do allow it. In fact, both girls have their toes painted now.

    Hubby is okay with it, too, but he’s totally against little girls piercing their ears ?!?!

    • says

      I don’t have a problem with it at all. My daughter loves her nails painted. She is 7 now, but was 2 when I did them the first time.

      • says

        We are Piggy Paint users over here too. It is funny about the heels because I never thought about buying them for my daughter, but. I just bought her two pair of shoes w/heels on them and am alright because they look nice on her w/the modest dresses she wears.


        Our pediatrician wouldn’t pierce my daughter’s ears when she was a baby because he believed that she should be old enough to make the decision (or at least understand what was going on) and my husband agreed. I’ve got a pair of birthstone earrings waiting in the wings, ready to be used.

  5. says

    I’ve been taking my grand daughter with me for mani/pedis since whe was two! She doesn’t get the full treament but she loves what she gets! ;D

  6. says

    I only use Piggy Paint on Charlie’s nails too, I see no problem with it personally. I don’t always wear make up or have nail polish on. And she takes notice of that. I highly doubt that painting her nails once in a while will result in a diva or vain girl later down the road.

  7. says

    I let my son have one finger or toe dabbed in non-toxic black polish, so a definite yes to daughters (should I have them in the future).

  8. Stephanie says

    I’m pretty conservative where kids’ appearances are concerned, and I don’t have a problem with painting fingers and toes! My take on what’s too grown up is more about the whole look. “Sexy” is not for little girls. If a little girl’s walking around in mini-heels, bare midriff top with painted toes and lip gloss…too much. Painted toes peeking out from sandals on a little girl wearing a sundress? Too cute.

  9. says

    Yes. I was delighted when my 2 year old daughter asked for me to make her toes pretty. I also use Piggy Paint because it is safe and non-toxic. I only buy my daughter one peice swimsuits and am concerned about clothes that are made to make her look like a mini-teen, but I think polish is a safe activity to enjoy with her.

  10. says

    My daughter loves it. She’s snuck into the bathroom in the middle of the night and “painted” her nails red. We thought she’s cut herself and bled all over the place.. what a relief to find she just wanted to do her nails lol (and now polish is hidden in mom’s dresser). It’s a little bit of fun color and a fun activity. I don’t see any harm in it.

  11. says

    Painting your nails is one thing that is feminine, but I don’t think it’s too grown up. Heels, makeup – yes that’s for older girls, but I don’t see a problem with little toddlers and even babies having their piggies painted. :)

  12. says

    This can be so cute on little ones but its great that you point out the nontoxic part! That is a great idea.

  13. says

    I am at work currently so I can’t watch the video, but I wish everyone would just let everyone else raise their kids how they see fit. Nail polish definitely isn’t child abuse, neglect, etc….so what is the problem???

  14. Tamara B. says

    I see nothing wrong with it as long as the colors are in pink or lighter colors. I painted my daughters when she was a toddler.

    • says

      only pink?

      My kids love the neon colors … pink, purple, orange, funky stuff. We tend to stick to the toes though. I’ve got nail biters lol.

  15. Yasmine says

    I see nothing wrong with it. Ive painted my daughters toes since she was a baby.
    I paint her finger nails black often too-but she always scratches it off with her teeth or bites them :/
    I think its cute- our new thing is zebra striped nails. I bought one of those french Tip fine brushes so I’ll paint her fingers and toes hot pink or black then add white zebra stripes. It’s fun bonding time- and my daughter LOVES it.

  16. says

    My little one has been wearing it since she was 4 months old. We use Piggy Paint so that when she chews on her toes I don’t feel guilty about her eating toxic chemicals.

    She sees me painting my own toes once a week, and she really enjoys joining in. It’s a good bonding moment for us.

  17. Heather H. says

    It always seems like someone is trying to make a judgment on how kids are raised these days. Nail polish really? it’s so trivial and you should pick your battles-my niece loves getting her nails painting.
    hendymartin1 at yahoo dot com

  18. says

    Yep–my daughter colors her nails all different colors and even her brother’s. The stuff we have peels off so it’s never been much of an issue. It’s like painting her face.

  19. Just Coupons says

    Yes, with 3 daughters I certainly allow it. I think it is adorable when little girls have their toes painted

  20. says

    I think we’re becoming a bit uptight about the many of the wrong things if we’re (generically- as a society) sitting around discussing this.

    There’s so many more things of bigger importance to consider.

  21. Kortney says

    I paint my daughter’s toes all the time ! She just turned three and when she’s a little older (around five or so), I’ll do her nails.