The Ultimate Green Bay Packers Bedroom for Our Son

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Giving Matt a bedroom makeover has been a project we’ve had in the works for months. A top to bottom bedroom makeover can be a bit costly so we’ve been doing it in pieces, buying things on sale, hunting for deals and it’s about 90% complete.

Little man turned 11 this year so this was part of his birthday present and maybe even Christmas at the rate things are adding up. We started by enlisting the help of my dad, a professional painter and the biggest Green Bay Packers fan I know (next to our son). While we were on vacation he transformed the red and white walls in Packers green and gold. I was nervous about these colors going on the wall but he really did an AMAZING job with this room.

ultimate green bay packers boys bedroom decor

We added some Packers border to divide the two colors and after weeks of waiting finally got his new bedroom furniture which of course had to be covered in Packers bedding.

green bay packers football bedroom

We’ve slowly been adding accessories and wall decor throughout the room including the Packers hamper and trash can I found. There’s a lot of posters and banners he’s still looking to add as well. Maybe even a real Green Bay Packers helmet at some point.

nfl green bay packers bedroom decor

The only thing we have left to do is replace his bedroom carpet which is a hideous dark blue and falling apart. Boys are pretty rough on flooring. We’re still undecided about putting down laminate or maybe just a brown carpet. It really comes down to cost and it’s something we’re still researching.

Otherwise, this kid has the ultimate boy’s bedroom, at least for a stinky Packer fan. :P



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    Umm.. seriously?! You deserve mother of the year award! This room is the perfect room for a packers fan! I even showed my hubby and he said “Can she do the baby’s room?” Love it!!

  2. says

    Oh Cat, it looks awesome! My dad is a huge Packers fan and would love a room like this even at 62 lol. Great job!!

  3. says

    As a Green Bay Packer fan and resident, this room kicks some serious butt! I love it! Wonderful job!

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    Cat that’s so awesome … even for a Packer fan LOL (that’s said with love. My grandma was a die hard Packer fan so I have a soft spot for them lol). But seriously that’s so awesome you guys did that for him. Oj really wants a Saints bedroom so we’re trying to do it as much as possible while we rent.

  5. says

    I’m happy your son was able to get something he really wanted! I’m still working on making over my room, but that’s not going to well o.O

    I have to say……I recoil at those pictures-I’m a devoted Bears fan, so it’s an automatic thing. LOL

    Regardless of my sports standings, I think you did a great job with the makeover :)