The Perfect Plot Brownie Graveyard for Halloween

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Wilton describes this Halloween party dessert as …

There’s a whole lot of ground shaking going on in this party plot. Delicious brownies are scooped out enough to allow room for candy ghosts and goblins. Friendly faces are popping from the graves sprinkled with brownie crumb “dirt”. Candy tombstones and pumpkin icing decorations complete the party scene.


I was looking through the Wilton idea center and this dessert just jumped right off the screen and caught my attention. Brownies are so easy and delicious, even more they are so fun to decorate and a bit less complicated than cakes. If  you’re planning a Halloween party, this is definitely the dessert you’ll want as the center piece.

Getting started … let’s just say I’m not always great at following directions. What I am good at is finding a way to make a dessert disaster into something delish!

While this project could very well be completed in one day, I decided to take my time with it and make the candies on day one and the brownie plot on day two. Using the Wilton Mummy Pretzel Mold, I filled in all four cavities with melted Wilton White Candy Melts.


The candy mummies just need to chill in the fridge for about 2 hours, or overnight if you want to break this into 2 days like I did.

mummy candy mold

A little more time consuming than the mummies are the headstones. Each has a detailed areas where you can use the decorator brush set to fill in the small areas. I allowed about 10 minutes between adding multiple colors so they didn’t mix. Again, just pop these in the fridge overnight.

Remember where I said I’m not great with following directions? Well, this is where that happened. I ended up using only one box of packaged brownie mix and found that it made my brownie too thin to properly cut the plots. Rather than start over, I cut the brownie sheet in half, stacked them and the problem was solved!

To cut the plots, lay each candy mummy on the brownie evenly spaced apart and using a knife, cut a rectangle through the first layer of brownie. Each section just pops right out.

graveyard brownie plot

Set the candy mummies inside each plot.


Crumble the brownie rectangles that were removed and sprinkle it over and around the plots to create graves that look like the mummies dug their way out.

Now you’re ready to place the headstones on the brownie. You can use a little bit of premade frosting to help them stick to the brownie so they don’t fall over. To see the full details and ingredient list for this project, be sure to check out The Perfect Plot Brownie Graveyard on





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    Oh my goodness, how cute is that!?
    And it looks mighty delicious, too :)
    Wilton has some of the coolest projects to do!