The Mysterious Vines Taking Over My Yard REVEALED

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Ever since I discovered two mysterious vines growing in my yard I’ve been playing a mind boggling guessing game. Are they pumpkins, zucchini, watermelons, just a weed? I got lots of guesses from fellow gardeners and the majority thought pumpkin. Heck, even I was convinced we were growing pumpkins.

Day after day I checked the blooms to see if they would reveal what was growing. The first vine we discovered showed up in the backyard next to our patio. It’s much smaller than the other one which solid green leaves.

mystery vine with green gourds

Today I did some snooping and found this …

mystery vine gourd

I’m still not exactly sure what it is but I’m assuming it’s a type of gourd.

Then there is vine number two. It has spotted green leaves and took over the fence line on both sides then started climbing along the side of our house. What you see below is only half the plant. The other half is twice as long on the other side of the fence.

mystery vine number 2

Last night I discovered this little yellow fella growing.

mystery yellow winged gourd on vine

Again, I’m pretty sure it’s some type of gourd with a really unique wing shaped head.

yellow gourd flower

I’m a little bummed we’re not growing something edible but it’s been fun to see it grow and produce these funny looking things. One thing I know for sure is that we did NOT plant these. I thought maybe Kaydee had used my pumpkin seeds but I never bought any type of gourd seeds. So it really is a mystery how these got here.

*** UPDATE ***

Perhaps I’m wrong again. According to some friends on Facebook they think these could still be zucchinis. LOL So I guess only time will tell at this point. I’m tempted to take these pictures to the Farmer’s Market and ask the growers there if they can identify it for me.

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    • says

      I don’t know. The first plant is actually growing out of a crack in the patio so maybe some seeds got dropped in there.

  1. Donna says

    The first is a gourd.
    the second looks like a patty pan squa.
    neither is a zucchin, but they are a zucchin cousin

  2. Lori says

    I vote the second is patty pan. We’ve used it in savory zucchini bread and frittata.

  3. says

    IDK if you know this or not but you have to be careful with all squash and zucchini. AS in, you can’t keep the seeds to replant. My mother in law has a close friend that almost died from this. Apparently, they can cross pollinate with other inedible gourd plants and make them poisonous to humans. They didn’t have gourds anywhere near but a bird dropped a cross pollinated seed in their garden, and viola! They got very sick. I had never heard of this since we dry our own seeds to reuse, but if you don’t know where the seed came from you may not want to eat it regardless.

  4. says

    Well I guess the plot thickens! ^.^

    We have some of the same issue-My dad was out doing some yard work one day and found a patch of blackberries in the backyard! If you’ve seen my yard, it’s basically all grass, so where these come from was a complete mystery. We’re assuming birds ate the seeds, did their business, and voila. LOL

  5. says

    The second one is a mystery to me, but the first one looks like butternut squash! Google “butternut squash on vine” and then look at the images–the really young ones are green like that.

    • says

      I was actually gonna say butternut squash. We planted some last summer and I think there were flowers like that before the little gourd comes out…

  6. paula says

    No way those are zukes! You’ve got yourself some gourds. Let them grow as big as possible. Leave them for a year or two, empty them out, drill a circle (very easy, once it’s dried) and hang in your trees. Wrens, chickadees, a lot of small birds love these as houses!

  7. Katie says

    I have several vines that are bearing the same kind of gourds as your first vine. I did not plant them either. I know birds and squirrels are responsible for most of these random plants, but I haven’t a clue what they actually are either and I’d really like to know. I might take some to the nursery just to see if they can identify them.