The First Day of School was Everything I Dreamed it Would Be

I’ve been dreaming of the kids going back to school since the 2nd day of summer break. We had a really, really really long summer of scrapping with all three kids home. At their ages, they fight all the time. There were days I actually considered running away just so I could remember what peace and quiet felt like. Somehow we managed to survive it with trips to the water park, playground and bike rides. But all that is over and we’re back to a normal day with the kids kept busy learning new things.

In two weeks I’ll even have 3 half days a week of total silence around here when Miss Emma starts pre-school. I’m sure I’m going to miss her. She’s my quiet one that loves to spend hours coloring, drawing and helping me get the house in order.

Miss Kaydee is probably the happiest. She’s a total people person and loves to be surrounded by other kids she can chat with.

Kaydee First Day of 1st Grade


Until then I’m enjoying the little things like…

…being able to see the bottom of a laundry basket.

… not putting my hand on a sticky surface.

… hours without noise.

… trips to the grocery store and dinner on the table by 7.

… long walks with Emma.

… bubble baths by myself!

Have your kids gone back to school yet?



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    Her little outfit is adorable! Hope she had a wonderful first day! My kids do not go back until the 20th, and while Im a little sad they will be gone Im also very happy for some quiet time!

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    I know how you feel. My kids went to day camp this summer, so I got some time to myself, but there was no camp this week, and the squabbling has been driving me insane! They start school on Monday, and I am so looking forward to it!

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    We got my daughter the same outfit! And I am counting down the days until school starts. This is the first year I’ve ever done it. I’ve always loved summer breaks but this year the kids have been at each other throats! We even take them out, play, run, read, swimming and as soon as there is a second of downtime they’re back at it. So year five more days lol

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      You’ll have to share a pic of it! I love this little outfit but cringe when she undoes the tie. Those are so not my thing.

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    Sigh. I wish I had all that. Only like…3 more years?

    They say it goes quick. I can assure you there is NOTHING QUICK about raising kids.

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    Mine haven’t gone back yet. I’m jealous of the bubble baths, we have well water so we don’t take them here.

    Your daughter looks great. I love the tie.