The Day My Little Princesses Met Princess Cinderella

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Before my daughters were even old enough to walk and talk I knew they would be little princesses. They were spoiled like you wouldn’t believe and dressed head to toe in pink and glitter every chance a got. Not much has changed since then, in fact, they’re even more girly than I thought they’d be. Like most little girls their ages, they are in love with Disney Princesses. Everyone has their favorite, Emma loving Ariel, me loving Belle and Kaydence adoring Cinderella.

This past August the girls actually got to chance to meet their real, live princess idols when we took them on their very first trip to the Magic Kingdom. We waited in a 45 minute line just to see these life size dolls and the girls practically pushed through Aurora and Belle just to get to Cinderella. I thought for sure they’d try to drag her home with them.

meeting cinderella at disney world

They had seen most of of the magical Disney Princess movies with the exception of Cinderella. Her movie has been locked in the Disney vault (which I personally despise) since they were both born. I was starting to wonder if Kaydee would ever get to see her favorite princess at all, well her movie anyways. After meeting Cinderella herself, it just seemed so unfair not to truly know her story aside from the shortened book version.

As luck would have it, Cinderella’s movie came out of the vault!

She was probably more excited to sit down and watch the movie than meet the princess herself. And honestly, it was kind of fun for me to see it too. The last time I watched Cinderella I was probably her age and had forgotten some of the story line and characters.

Today, you can officially pick up a copy of the Cinderella Diamond Edition on Blu-ray and DVD. Just like the original, you get the magical movie but with enhanced picture and sound. Plus, there’s all the bonus materials like the alternate opening sequence and a digital storybook. Even if your your little one is too young to watch this movie now, I’d pick up a copy before it goes back in the vault. There are still a few of the princess movies I passed over buying when they were released and now my daughters could be teenagers before they get the chance to see them.

*I was provided with a copy of the Blu-ray movie.

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  1. Jen says

    You need to find a used DVD store ;).

    Love the pic of your girls with Cinderella! That is how my daughter is with Rapunzel. They had Rapunzel, Cinderella, Belle, and Snow White at a local family amusement park this summer and they were very authentic looking! It made my daughter’s day :). We are going to Disney next fall and I can’t wait to see her reaction.