Tech Find | iLuv Professional WorkStation Portfolio for iPad

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It seems just about everyone these days owns an iPad whether it’s an older version or the new iPad (which I still don’t get why it’s not called the iPad 3). It’s a fun tech gadget to have especially if you’re a student, parent or well, just anyone that loves Apple products. What first attracted me to the iPad was the compact size. I had the idea that I could take it with me anywhere and use it for surfing the web, connecting with social networks and even blogging while traveling. What I quickly realized was the iPad is NOT ideal for blogging right out of the box.

Pecking on the touchscreen keyboard takes at least 4 times as long as using a traditional keyboard (at least for me). I found myself tossing my iPad aside because it just wasn’t as functional as I’d hope … that is until the iLuv Professional WorkStation arrived.

Simply put, it’s a portfolio case for the iPad that includes a wireless keyboard and a built in stand.

iLuv Professional Workstation Portfolio

I find myself appreciating the detachable keyboard the most when I’m writing a blog post and composing emails. The battery life on the keyboard is pretty incredible too … 30 days! You can recharge it with the included cable when needed as well. The retractable kick stand sets the iPad up like a netbook and we’ve found it even stands well on soft surfaces. Just the other night my husband was handling his personal email with the iLuv Portfolia set up on our bed.

We have found that the keyboard is a bit on the small side and has taken some getting use to but the entire set up quickly becomes comfortable and best of all, functional!

Connect with iLuv

Online Store: where to buy

*The iLuv Professional WorkStation was provided to our family to use for the purpose of this review.

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      I put it on my kitchen scale … 2.7 lbs total. I don’t think it’s bulky at all, much like carrying a day planner. There’s also a cut out for the camera on both sides so you don’t have to take it out of the case.

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    I’m like you. Not crazy about typing with a touch screen either. I don’t have an ipad, but if I ever get one I will be sure to pick up the portfolio case you mentioned. Thanks for sharing.

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    I’ve seen this in person and I was so silly I didn’t even realize it was an iPad. I really thought it was a netbook haha. That’s how awesome it is!