Take the White Sock Test and Win a $15,000 Home Makeover

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Spring cleaning  in our home is currently in progress and while I usually go from top to bottom I decided to skip ahead go straight for the carpets. Our son is sharing his bedroom with his puppy these days and lately there’s been a few accidents in there. Knowing the hair, dander, allergens, dirt and unmentionables that are likely lurking in the carpet fibers, I wanted to take care of this problem right away. Vacuuming the carpets may take care of most of the dust and small particles on top of the carpet but it’s the stuff lurking down deep that needs something a bit more powerful. That’s why we gathered up our little helpers to do the “white sock test”.

What’s the White Sock Test?

Want to see just how grimy your carpets are? All you have to do is put on a pair of clean, white socks, and do the twist on a high traffic area of your carpet for 30 seconds or check out the white sock test video for a better visual. You might be surprised by what you find on the bottom of those socks. We gave our daughter a clean pair and got some pretty astonishing results. I knew it wouldn’t be pretty given the fact the last time the carpet was cleaned was last Spring but this … ick!

white sock test dirty socks

Win a $15,000 Home Makeover!

After performing the white sock test on your carpet visit BISSELL’s Facebook page and check out the White Sock Test 2012 tab where you can upload your result photo and enter to win a $15,000 home makeover. You can also play the daily instant win game for a chance to win home cleaning products from BISSELL, like the Lift-Off® Deep Cleaner, SpotBot® Pet and more. Sign in every day through June 10 to play! No Photo Required.

bissell lift off deep cleaner

Thanks to BISSELL we received a Lift-Off Deep Cleaning System to take for a test drive on our carpets and I’m sure glad we did because after seeing that white sock test result I wanted nothing more than to clean the carpets right away.  The first bucket of dirty water resulted in a color that absolutely HORRIFIED me! And this wasn’t even the worst one. Once I hit the high traffic areas of my son’s bedroom the water turned almost black.

Two hours later, with the carpet cleaned and almost dry we sent our daughter back in the bedroom to do a little sock dance and I was so glad to see the bottom of the sock stayed white.

bissell clean socks

When’s the last time YOU cleaned your carpets down deep?

Disclosure – This is a compensated blog post and I was provided with a Lift Off Deep Cleaner System from BISSELL. Opinions and results are based on my own experiences.

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  1. says

    We do a cleaning every 6 months and pay a professional once a year. I’m happy to say our socks are not that dirty!! Carpet is such a dirty thing isn’t it?

    • says

      Ugh, yes, it is. We’ve got carpet left in 2 rooms which I’m hoping to get laminate down in within the next 5 years. It’s so much easier to steam and go every day.

  2. says

    We have all new area rugs as we are remodeling, but our hardwood is horrible. It is original and the home is 100 years old. They need refinished. Once I clean you can’t tell. Our socks are never white around here!

  3. says

    oh ours would be so gross. I hate our carpets but they aren’t on the replacement list yet!