Tackling a Football Cake with a Grass Football Field Cookie

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Last week my son celebrated his 10th birthday, a pretty big one if you ask me. It may not be quite as special as your first birthday or even your golden birthday, but hitting double digits feels pretty momentous to me. To celebrate, I decided to let our son have the “cookie cake” he’s been begging for with a few additions.

The plan was to create a giant cookie football field with a football shaped cake in the middle. My plan was carried out with the exception of the field. Long story short, it was hot, I was tired and got lazy.

Football Field Cookie and Cake

This delicious little masterpiece starts with a rectangle shaped chocolate chip cookie. I just used a standard cookie sheet that fit the cake board.

Rectangle Chocolate Chip Cookie Sheet

Next, I used one box of chocolate cake and one box of yellow cake in the Wilton Football Cake Pan. However, I made a total rookie mistake and forgot to spray the pan before adding the batter so my cake split right down the middle. Fortunately, it’s nothing a little icing couldn’t fix.

Football Cake Cookie Field

One big batch of buttercream and one hour of frosting later …. a pretty awesome football cookie cake was completed.

Football Cookie Cake

And my son was happy as can be!

mattison 10th birthday

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  1. That is a great looking cake. No wonder your son looks so happy. I bet it tasted great, too.

  2. This looks GREAT Cat, I’ll have to try this for my son’s birthday.

  3. You did a great job, looks good and yes double digits are a big deal. I have a 10 year old and when he hit the double digits it was a big deal here too.

  4. This is so cute!

  5. That’s a pretty incredible cake Cat, I think you did a fantastic job, and the photos of it look like they came from a magazine!

  6. What a cute cake! You did an awesome job….

  7. What a great cake Cat. Happy Birthday Mattison.

  8. How awesome – love that it’s a cake and cookie cake.

  9. Wow that looks amazing!

  10. I want one!

  11. You amaze me once again! GREAT cake!

  12. Great job… Mattie looks really happy! Plus the cake looks delicious.

  13. You did such a great job, Cat! It turned out just fabulous.

  14. Bonnie Schmidt says:

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    It makes a great gift also. There is so much you can do with it. Have a great holiday season!