Beauty Find | Cake Batter Conditioner from Glop & Glam

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Sweets in the Shower … not quite as naughty as it sounds but definitely delicious (for the nose).

I was doing some blog hopping earlier this month and ran into yet another blog post from Nichol at where she shared a review of Glop & Glam organic hair care products. As soon as I saw “candy apple shampoo” and “cake batter conditioner” I was sold. My two favorite scents in the whole world!

glam and glob organic hair care


So I asked if she could coax the company into sharing a coupon code so I could order and a few days later I had a bottle of the Candy Apple Shampoo, Cake Batter Conditioner, Bubble Gum Glitter Gel and Creamsicle (Conditioner) Mist on my door step.

The only word I can even begin to use to describe these is Yumm-o-licious!!!

Clearly they’re meant for your hair (and not your taste buds) but they smell so good and realistic you’ll want to eat them. But don’t. Instead, enjoy these sweet scents in the shower and trust that these are great for your kid’s hair (and yours) because Glam & Glop products are:

  • All natural and organic hair collection
  •  NO sulfates, alcohol or parabens
  •  Safe for sensitive skin – even babies
  •  Effective lice preventative
  • Promotes healthy, hydrated hair
  • Lightweight formula with no build-up

While they’re not the perfect solution for my daughter’s tangled, curly mess of hair, they do help me get through to a beautiful end result.

kaydee blond curly hair

toddler curly hair

My one complaint … individually, they smell incredible but because each scent doesn’t have it’s own product set you’re forced to mix them. I’d really love for each scent to have a shampoo, conditioner, etc to be used together.



Note – I paid for the products featured. However, I did use a coupon code for a discount which you can use too. Just hop over to the review at Kiddie Corner Deals but it ends on 2/12/11.

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  1. says

    These products sound great! My kids have allergies and we have to be very particular about their hair and skin care and I try to buy organics exclusively.

    I’m assuming propelyne glycol is not in the ingredients because I think that isn’t organic but they are all specifically allergic to that ingredient and I always check for it.

  2. says

    Thanks Cat! I also think they should make the same smelling products such as apple conditioner, cake batter shampoo. Would be so much better. I completely forgot to mention that in my review. Her hair looks great. Have you tried the curly hair products from Fairy Tales Hair Care?