Sunday Family Football and Food with #SnickersMinis

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Every Sunday around this house is dedicated to football, well September through January at least. We’ve got a house full of football fans that love to sit in front of the tv to watch the game, argue over bad calls and basically pretend they’re coaches. Boys take their football quite seriously around here. Between the five of us we have two Dallas Cowboys fans (my husband and Kaydee), two Green Bay Packers fans (Matt and Emma) and then there’s me, the Kansas City Chiefs fan. You can imagine how heated the game day gets around here.

Rather than get my feathers all ruffled over the game, I set out to Walmart to pick up a few essentials for our Sunday NFL Kickoff Party. While there aren’t a lot of football themed products on the shelves right now since Halloween is starting to take over, there were a few things I found that would be fun for the party. We started with two big bags of the Snicker’s Minis bagged candies which are all specially labeled with NFL team logos on each wrapper.

We also spotted some Touchdown Sundae ice cream filled with chocolate footballs and chocolate sundae syrup. I thought this would be great for some ice cream floats.

Walmart Snicker's Minis NFL edition

After our quick shopping trip I got out the triple slow cooker to put together some game day food the family would love. In one pot we’ve got hot dogs roasting on low, a steamy pot of chili in the middle and a pot of salsa n cheese for chip dipping (or slathering on the dogs).

3 pot slow cooker for football sunday

With the food on low and cooking away, I pulled out the bags of Snicker’s Minis. The kids and I had fun digging through the bowl to find our favorite teams and set those aside for a special dessert.

NFL Snicker's Minis Candies

Wanting to keep dessert simple but creative, I whipped up a box mix of brownies and dropped two tablespoons of the batter in each cupcake bowl on the baking pan. Then the kids helped me plop a mini Snicker’s candy right in the batter.

Snicker's Minis Surprise Brownies

Once baked we frosted them with a chocolate icing in the shape of a football and added some strings.

Football Iced Brownie Bites with Snickers Minis

Inside each mini brownie bite is a hidden Snicker’s mini candy that’s now melted, gooey and yummy!

Snickers inside a brownie bite

As if dinner and dessert wasn’t enough, I filled the kids up on some fun ice cream floats made with that Touchdown Sundae ice cream, some root beer soda and we decorated the spoons with our favorite NFL team labeled Snicker’s candy.

NFL Snickers Mini Spoons and Floats

The only thing left to do was relax and watch the game … with full bellies and a bit of a sugar high.

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football floats

What kind of food do you put on the table when watching the big game?




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  1. says

    I was just telling Chris I want brownies, now I need them!! We usually have wings, cupcakes, dips, and chips. :)

  2. says

    I’m a terrible wife compared to you. I don’t think I’d ever make my husband treats while he sits around watching football. It’s not like he ever makes me anything special while I’m watching my trashy reality shows, lol. But those snickers brownies look delish!

  3. says

    Oh my goodness all your treats look great! I bought my Aunt the same triple slow cooker that you have. :)

    We don’t watch football, but if we did I think I would make nachos. I’m not as cool as you are with making awesome things to eat!

  4. says

    The root beer float looks so yummy with that ice cream!

    I love how cute those brownies are and that used brownie to make them super simple to make!

  5. says

    Looks like you had an awesome football party! I love sticking candies in my cupcakes and brownies before I bake them, it makes for a nice surprise when people bite into them!

  6. says

    Super fun. I never think to put candy in the middle of baked goods. We are a munchies family but I must have a veggie tray!

  7. says

    Cat!!! OMG, I should NOT be reading this post at 5:15 p.m. when I’m starving! I sooo need to come over for Sunday football. I’ll even root for the Chiefs!!! (I’m a Steelers fan, so no love for GB here!).

    While we can’t have Snickers here (my son’s allergic to nuts), those brownies do look awesome. My mom actually made similar ones with Oreo cookies inside. Soooo goood!

  8. Parker says

    Thanks for these awesome suggestions! My wife and I are throwing a huge football party this weekend for all my friends and coworkers at DISH, and I’ve been looking for exactly these kinds of ideas! Then with my Hopper, I’ll hook up three TVs in our living room. The Hopper has three tuners, so that will allow us to watch three different games at the same time in full HD, and still have the fourth TV to spare so the kids can watch a movie off the DVR. Between my three-TV extravaganza and your awesome tips, this weekend promises to be great!