Summer Fun with Bubbles from Little Kids Inc

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This summer, we’re keeping our toddlers entertained with an outdoor activity that’s fun for the whole family …. bubble blowing! Bubbles are inexpensive and promote physical activity for the kids big and small that love to chase and pop them. This outdoor activity is even more fun this summer thanks to two new products from Little Kids Inc.

The new Blastos! Mini Bubble Blasters are small toys with big fun thanks to the motorized bubble blowing fan with soft blades making it safe for curious little toddler fingers. Each blower requires 2-AAA batteries and comes with multiple bubble wands to create lots of bubbles in no time at all. We love it because our toddlers who haven’t quite mastered the skill of traditional bubble blowing can still get in on the fun of creating bubbles.

Bubble Blower

For BIG bubble fun, there are candy inspired Jelly Belly Scented Giant Bubble Wands that come in 3 fun scents: Very Cherry, Grape Jelly & Top Banana. This giant bubble wand is great for creating HUGE bubbles that leave behind a trail of fruity scents.

Our daughter loves these because she can create giant bubbles and run like crazy through the yard while doing it. I love them because even though I end up with a mess of sticky bubble juice popped all over me, I end up smelling sweet.

Jelly Bellies Bubble Wand

If you’re looking for even more outdoor family fun be sure to check out the full product line at Little Kids Inc. online and the Summer Outdoor Gift Guide that’s filling up with all kinds of fun products for the summer months!

Giveaway Prize

One lucky reader will win a Sizzlin’ Summer Prize Pack that includes a Junk Ball Glow Bat & Ball Set and a Blastos! Bubble Blaster.

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Disclosure – The product(s) featured were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

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  1. The one outdoor activity my family loves most during the summer is playing at the park, grilling and just hanging out together. We are outside people.

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  4. You cannot go wrong with bubbles and summer! Great combination, fun & the way they run around chasing them, exercise too! :)

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    we like playing in the grass and catching fireflies

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  10. We loVe BBQing w friend’s & family. Thanks for the giveaway, my kids LOVE bubbles!

  11. Sunnie says:

    Playing outside, going to the park. Eating outside.,

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  13. Kathryn says:

    We love flying kites!

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  15. cheri h says:

    Our favorite outdoor activity is having family over for pool fun.

  16. So cute! This looks so fun, I always loved bubbles :)

  17. We enjoy playing in the park and picnics.

  18. Kris I. says:

    We love going to the beach!

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  23. going to the beach!

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  26. My family loves going to the school playground together

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    My family likes to go to the local parks & beaches to swim and play.

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  31. Our favorite summer time family activity is hanging out and swimming at the community pool.

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  33. My family likes to go swimming and play in the park with my grandchildren.

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  38. Right now we are swimming a lot. With the heat wave we have been having and my children’s love of water, it is the perfect combination of a bit of activing and a bit of relaxation!

    shellyrm at yahoo dot com

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  42. When we keep our granddaughter, she likes to feed the fish in the neighboring pond.

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    We love going swimming.

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  54. Our activity for the summer…
    Every single day… the boys love it…

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    We are looking forward to spending lots of time in the water swimming!

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    We enjoy flying kites.

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    my family loves spending time together in the pool!

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    We love to go swimming in the summer months!

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  74. We like gardening & bbqing

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    We live across from a bike trail and park. So there is alot of bike riding and playing at the park and lots of Cooking out.

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    Our family enjoys going to the beach and amusement parks during the summer

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  106. We love hiking…so much to explore and discover for everyone. Thanks!

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    we love to play on a sandy beach

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  133. We love to go camping in the woods!

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  136. We love to hit the pool or set up a sprinkler outside and relax.

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    Our fave outdoor activity is to take our sailing boat out on the water & enjoy the whole day to ourselves.
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  146. Monique Rizzo says:

    We like going to the beach and having bonfires.
    Thanks for the chance.

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    catching fireflies

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    My kids love playing in the sprinklers.

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  156. We enjoy swimming or taking walks at the campground where we stay. Thanks.

  157. If you are looking for a safe and fun summer camp for your children ages 4-15, please contact World of Discovery Summer Camp of Bayside, Queens NY at 718-229-3037 or visit us on the web at . We offer swim instruction, trips sports, lunch, door-to-door transportation and much more!

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  173. We love Picnics the best!

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  197. We definately enjoy going to the beach the best!
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    My family loves doing anything with water outside. It can be washing the car to running in sprinklers. My boys love it. Thanks!

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    We love visiting the zoo in the summer and seeing all the shows!

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  213. My family loves baseball (playing & watching!)

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