Suffering from Sick Home Syndrome?

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This post brought to you by Wave Home Solutions. All opinions are 100% mine.

Until recently I had never heard of the term Sick Home Syndrome. After a little research it turns out Sick Home Syndrome is very real and characterized by respirator ailments, asthma, headaches, throat and nose irritation among other symptoms. All of these issues can lead back to one source — your home! 

Homes with basements and crawl spaces can often host a variety of toxins including mold, dust, mites insects and more, all caused by stale, moist air that becaomes a breeding ground in your basement. 

This was all news to me but doesn't surprise me. Our own crawls space is a dark, creepy area of our home that most likely is home to all of those toxins which would explain why my husbands allergies and asthma are often worse when he's home. 

Some of the facts in this video from Wave Home Solutions just might surprise you.

Wave Home Solutions offers home owners and aparemtent/condo renters an option to help solve this problem. Wave Ventilation moisture control ventilation units replace the damp, stale are with fresh, dry air to maintain a healthy breathing environment.

Units are available for:

  • basements
  • crawl spaces
  • apartment/slab/condos

You can visit Wave Home Solutions online to learn more about each of the different models and how they will best serve your living space. Unlike competitor dehumidifiers that only dry out the air, Wave Ventilation systems not only remove moisture but they expel toxic air from your home, replinish your space with clean, dry air and also ventilate the entire home to maintain a healthy environment year round.

I talked to my husband about considering a crawl space unit for our home in hopes of making it easier for him to breathe and possibly not feeling sick all the time. 

Do you currently have a ventilation system in your home?

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