St. Louis – Cancelled – De-Cancelled

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That, over there —>
…was suppose to be my dinner tomorrow. We had a family day planned of heading down to St. Louis for a trip to the zoo, Forrest Park, all our favorite eating holes, driving through The Landing, and finishing off the night with the Hot Air Balloon Glow.


Why? Because my husband’s job always manages to get in the way. You see, he’s the Captain of a small police department here, normally a Chief runs a department but it worked out better this way. It’s a complicated process of details, so I’ll spare you. Anyways, something happened tonight, he got a call, and now our whole day is screwed because he just won’t let others handle anything. He’s a control freak when it comes to his job, but nowhere else in his life. Remember a few posts back when I mentioned how his job is his priority…yep, here it is again.

It’s so frustrating because as much as I hated living in St. Louis, I miss visiting. We’ve been talking about going back and finally decided to do it, I get excited, and BAM.

UPDATE – DECANCELLED (is that a word?)

Well, everything got resolved at work and we’re back on again…just getting a late start. It sucks, but it’s better than nothing. So we’re off in about an hour and will have lots of great pics to share!

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  1. I’m so sorry! I get really angry when I get disapointed. I think it is because it hurts to get disapointed and my immediate reaction to hurt is anger. I understand though. My husband is in the military and they don’t give a crap what you have planned. If you have to work all through something important, you just have to shut up and deal with it.

  2. Awe, it’s hard I know. I completely understand though.. We had a trip planned to the beach one weekend and work interrupted that.

    Patience is key, but you already know that. I remember crying my little eyes out because he seems to do that to me ALL the time and a friend of mine told me this:

    “You can’t, hun. You can’t cry, worry, or get angry. You know why? Because you can’t control this. Why let anger get the best of you when the situation can not be fixed. Show your husband you love him, you respect him, and appreciate him and wait for him to make up for it later.”

    So true! We ended up postponing the trip, but had a blast the next month.

    I’ll be thinking of you today!

  3. Hey girl… keep in mind though (only showing the other side of the coin here) that since you’re a stay at home mom, he can’t take the chance at loosing his job. He might see it as… they say jump, I have to say how high because I have to support my family. I know there are days I’m like that.

    Hugs and Loves,