Spray it Once, Wear it Twice with New Method Fabric Softener Spray #CleanHappy

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I’ve never been very good at keeping secrets, especially ones that I’m excited to share. For a few weeks now I’ve been holding onto some new product news from Method (you know, the home cleaning product company I adore) and I finally get to share it. You may have even already seen in on store shelves. What I’m talking about is the new Method Dryer Activated Fabric Softener Spray. It’s one more product that’s been added to the Method laundry system that I think you’ll enjoy as much as I have.

Method Dryer Activated Fabric Softener

It works like this … wash your clothes as you normally would, drop them in the dryer and before you close the door spray the wet clothes with fabric softener. The heat from your dryer activates it and your laundry comes out soft and fresh.

While it’s great for everyday use on laundry I also happen to use it as my secret weapon for what I like to call “spray it once, wear it twice”. You see, I have two pairs of jeans that I *love*. Only two because well, they’re a bit expensive. I’ve come to learn that you get what you pay for when it comes to a great fitting pair of jeans and I want to take good care of them. Since I can’t just go drop $700 on a pair of jeans to wear each day of the week I settled on two and try not to over-wash them. With the Method Dryer-Activated Fabric Softener I can wash and wear them once, then give them a spray and steam-dry for 15 minutes in the dryer and wear them again. The jeans get freshened up, de-wrinkled and re-softened.

Why Use the Spray Over Dryer Sheets?

Many dryer sheets are made out of polyethylene or polyester, meaning that they can’t be composted or recycled after use. On the other hand, Method’s fabric spray bottles is made from 100% PCR PET plastic and can be recycled. Method’s formula is made with coconut oil to make your clean clothes feel soft without damaging the fabric or the environment. You can learn more about the new product (and see another awesome video) when you visit Method on Facebook.

So tell me … it’s okay, you can admit it … is there anything you wear more than once?


*Disclosure – This is a compensated post as part of the Method Mavens blogger team. Although I’m a paid ambassador I’m also a proud Method customer.

P.S. I think once bottle is going to last all year. I’ve been using it for a month now and haven’t even used a 1/4 of the bottle.


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  1. says

    Look at at small those bottles are? I hate the space the dryer sheets take up (and constant fall out of) in my laundry area. How long has a bottle lasted you?
    Umm I wear my jeans a couple of a time before washing because I only get to wear them a few hours each day after work. ;)

    • says

      I think this bottle may last me through the rest of the year. I’ve been using it daily for a month now and haven’t even used an inch of the liquid in the bottle.

  2. says

    Oh I love that it’s a spray!!! Where do you buy Method at? I tried looking for it at Target but couldn’t find it, I wanted to try it since well you rave about it so much. :)

    • says

      Target is where I usually buy it but if you’re not finding it there you can buy directly from Method online, I’ve also seen a pretty good selection at Lowes.

  3. says

    I’m ashamed to tell you that I live in my sweats each and every day-Ah the life of a chronically ill person. Lol When you have nowhere to go or nothing to do, you don’t feel the need to get dressed.

    This sounds like a really neat product through! I can’t say I’ve heard of anything like it :)

  4. says

    WOW! I’m going to have to try this – does it take away static cling too – or just soften the clothes?