Food Find | Special Delivery … PEPSI NEXT with 60% less sugar!

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I’ve been a die hard Pepsi (and Mountain Dew) fan for many, many years. It was the soda I grew up on and was spoiled on. As I’ve gotten older and more conscious of my weight, I’ve had to take a hard look at the choices I’m making. One of those was my beloved Pepsi. While I could never completely give it up, I did have to cut back to only a few cans a week and then promptly go burn them off on the treadmill. The calories were making me feel guilty.

Diet Pepsi? No way. I know there are many out there that love the artificial sweeteners but I’m not one of them. What I am raving about today is the awesomeness of the new Pepsi Next. It’s most of the flavor of the original Pepsi that I love so much with overĀ half the calories. And it doesn’t taste like a “diet” soda but it sure feels like one. The flavor is so close to the original Pepsi that if I hadn’t read the can I probably wouldn’t have even noticed the difference.

pepsi next soda cans

So what’s the difference between Pepsi and Pepsi Next?

  • Pepsi 150 calories – Pepsi Next 60 calories (per can)
  • Pepsi 38 mg caffeine – Pepsi Next 43 mg caffeine (per can)
  • Pepsi 30 mg sodium – Pepsi Next 60 mg sodium (per can)
  • Pepsi 41 grams total carbs – Pepsi Next 16 grams total carbs (per can)

Clearly there are so drawbacks to both versions but for me, it’s the calories and sugar that is on my watch list. Like all things in life, soda is best enjoyed in moderation and if you’re gonna drink it, save yourself some calories and enjoy the Pepsi Next.

Disclosure – I was provided with a 6 pack of the Pepsi Next to try out. As a long-time Pepsi consumer, opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. says

    How come it’s got twice as much sodium, strange? Nonetheless, I REALLY want to try one. Are they out in stores? And it doesn’t taste like diet? I don’t mind a diet, I prefer the leaded stuff but always drink diet just because of the calories. I always add a little fresh lemon…yum.

    • says

      No I wouldn’t compare this to the flavor of a diet soda at all. Although I am curious too as to why the sodium and even caffeine is higher.