SnapTotes Custom Photo iPad Sleeve Review

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The day after buying the Apple iPad 2, the first thing I did was search for stylish and unique iPad cases and sleeves. Unfortunately, buying the iPad 2 on the release date meant my choices were extremely limited. So limited in fact everything I found aside from the Smart Cover was either Plain Jane or downright ugly. However, I did come across one little gem that met all of my needs.

Last year I received a Snaptotes custom handbag to review and to this day, it’s the best handbag I’ve ever owned. So when I went looking on the SnapTotes website to see if they had added any new products, I was pleasantly surprised to find an assortment of custom e-reader and iPad sleeves available. There are photo ereader sleeves available for the Nook, Kindle and even the iPad which fits both the original iPad and new iPad 2 sizes.

The best part of this sleeve is it’s not just another mass produced product you’ll find on a shelf somewhere. Every design is custom, unique and all about your style!

SnapTotes Custom iPad Case

Using the Black & White Damask template, I was able to create a custom iPad sleeve with photos of my children and yes, even my blog logo. The SnapTotes online design software allows you to easily upload photos and edit them with simple design tools such as cropping, zooming, rotating and even color adjustments with black & white or sepia toning.

The easiest part of using SnapTotes is designing your blag or sleeve, the worst part is waiting. Each custom order can take up to 3 weeks for processing and delivery but after using this service twice now, I can confidently say, it’s worth the wait!

SnapTotes Custom iPad Case Photos

The print quality exceeds my expectations every time. SnapTotes is able to take my most treasured photos and capture every detail when transferring them to the product.

SnapTotes Custom iPad Sleeve

Aside from being a stylish accessory, the SnapTotes iPad sleeve is also a functional product that allows your iPad to travel safely. Each sleeve is constructed of double-backed neoprene with a zipper closure.

Buy It

SnapTotes custom e-reader and iPad sleeves start at just $35.00 and are available with several design templates and there’s a current offer available for free shipping on your SnapTotes order.

Disclosure – SnapTotes provided the sleeve to me free of cost.


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  1. says

    I love the picture of the iPad peeking out the top :)

    We JUST got an iPad last month. It dearly needs a cover, or else it will get damaged. What a great way to advertise your blog, on your iPad case! Thanks Cat!