Snapshots | Getting Set Up for Success in 2013

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I live in a world of organized chaos. Everything has a place, whether it makes sense to anyone else or not, it’s a place that works for me. I’m not a neat and tidy kinda girl but I try to be … and usually fail. But this year I NEED to get more organized especially when it comes my life as a professional blogger and just as much in my home & personal life. I started by purchasing The Blogging Planner (which should be here soon I hope).

blogging success planner


And then I went digging through the Walmart home office department to get stocked up on stickies and Sharpies. Wish me luck!

sharpies for 2013

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  1. I am excited to see how your planner works for you! I had the first version earlier this year and I like it, I just am never really busy enough to need a planner. LOL I need more business to have something to write in it!

  2. I am loving the idea of the Blogging Planner! I and still trying to talk myself into buying one!

  3. I want that planner!! It feels good to start the new year out being more organized.

  4. I start off with planners and never follow through with them. I love new office supplies but find that just the sticky notes on my laptop are the best thing that works for me.

  5. Evelyn Goettner says:

    I’m not a blogger but really need to get more organized this year.

  6. Good Luck!!!

  7. Good luck!!! You kind of make me want to get organized myself… LOL

    • As busy as you are I’m surprised you don’t already have one.

      • Well I did get one at Brandcation.. I actually have like 3 planners. But I don’t use it. I keep a doc on Drive with the blog posts I need to do… and then fill in my calender with deadlines or put them on the doc I make. I’m more of a digital girl. But maybe I’ll try to use the planner. :)

  8. You look all set for a very organized year. I want that planner so bad!

  9. I have been debating on getting that planner. I would love to hear your thoughts. I also need to get organized this year.

  10. Carolyn G says:

    I need to get organized this year. Hope this works for you

  11. so glad it’s working for you. Since I have a blog “partner” working on paper doesn’t work. I do use a notebook for my own ideas and lists but most of our stuff needs to be online. I’m so proud of this crazy smart and creative bunch of girls.

    • I could definitely see how that would be tough. One of the reasons hubs and I don’t share a checkbook is because I can’t stand other people writing on my stuff. I’m knitpicky about handwriting. :P

  12. I SO need one of these….I am so unorganized it’s beyond ridiculous!

  13. I can’t wait to get organized this year!

  14. I have a calendar I use. I need to started on 2013 so we can stay on track!
    Good luck to being organized!

  15. I’m inspired Cat!!! I have my eye on the Planner too!!!

  16. What a great way to start the New Year! I love being able to make a fresh start with my calendars/organizers/etc. in January. Here’s to 2013!

  17. I just won this planner! So excited!

  18. You are doing JUST what I need to be doing! Im curious to see how the planner works out for you, I need something like that to get myself organized.

  19. Tammy S says:

    I love planners. I know they are old school but I just love being able to write things down. It sticks in my head that way. Hope you enjoy yours.

  20. Nothing but luck and good wishes to you for 2013!
    You’ll definitely have to let me know how it goes; I may be interested in purchasing that planner if it works for you :)

  21. I have mine, too!! Can’t wait to fill out that calendar!!

  22. I am totally trying to get organized for 2013. I used to use the BusyBody planner that isn’t published anymore so I am really thinking of ordering The Blogging Planner too! :)

  23. I’ve been wondering if this works. Right now I use the post it note system lol

  24. I really need to get one of those!