Simply Sweet Spring Dresses (err umm sleepwear) at Gymboree

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About a week before Easter we were at the mall getting pictures taken with the Easter bunny and the girls wandered by Gymboree. It’s one of our very favorite mall stores but it’s a shop we browse more than buy. There was a time our daughter’s entire wardrobe came from Gymboree but in recent years we’ve become more frugal and well, it just wasn’t in the budget. But I do try to find a few times a year to spoil the kids a little bit and buying new Easter dresses is one of them.

I didn’t realize it at the time but our little shopping trip earned us some Gymbucks (reward certificates) and gave me a good excuse to go back and buy the girls some casual dresses. They are a ton of cute outfits out right now, the “Preppy Peach” being my favorite. But ultimately we decided on some simple cotton dresses with cute patterns.

Gymboree Spring Dresses


Well, we thought these were dresses!

But when I went onto the Gymboree website to see if there were other patterns our store didn’t carry I couldn’t find them anywhere. It seemed silly but I peeked int he new sleepwear section and what do I find?

The Tropical Flower Pajama Gown and Bird Pajama Gown that I could have sworn were dresses.

So now I’m torn. We bought them as dresses, let them wear them as dresses and now that I know they’re pajamas, what do I do? Do they look like pajamas or dresses to you?

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  1. says

    They look just like summer dresses that my daughter used to wear! i would have never guessed that they were sleepwear! I’d let them wear as dresses, they’re really cute!

  2. says

    As long as they aren’t a thin material (and you say they aren’t) I say they are whatever you want them to be and make adorable dresses!

  3. says

    I never would have thought that they were pajamas. They looks just like dresses, I would just let them wear them as dresses too.

  4. says

    They look like dresses to me, too – but I have to tell you I did the same thing this weekend! We went to the gymboree outlet and found a cute ladybug top and red polkadot shorts…and bought it as an outfit. When I cut the tags off to wash it, it said it was jammies on the tag!

  5. Christina says

    They look like dresses to me! I wouldn’t have guessed they were pajamas! They are cute. My goddaughter only wants to wear pajamas lately, when it was cooler you could sometimes get her into leggings and a top, but mostly it was pajamas she wanted and so not worth the fight…. She is going through treatment for leukemia right now and feels crappy & tired a lot of the time, so I know she just wants to be comfortable… I am going to have to go look at gymboree because these would be great for her.