Shopping at eBags – Help Me Decide!

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Last week I decided to invest in my future and my career as a blogger. It’s certainly not a traditional job but it’s one I’ve chosen for now because I love doing it. When in life do you get the opportunity to be home with your children, embrace your hobby and contribute to the household income all in one shot? Well, as a blogger you can, if you work for it.

So I decided I needed to take my hobby mobile and bought an Apple MacBook Pro. (insert heavenly music here)

apple macbook pro food family finds

It’s my dream come true and aside from the hiccups of not even knowing how to close open windows on the thing, I really couldn’t be happier with it. But I also know in a house of three kids, anything worth over $20 becomes a target for curious fingers which usually results in major breakage. My very nice camera has hit the floor at least twice in the past week.

So I’m determined to give this baby, Pinky as I call her, all the protection I can. I started by buying a Speck MacBook Pro case to protect it from scratches which I’ll tell you more about this week with a full review. But now I need to find a laptop bag.

bubblegum speck products macbook pro case

I’ve been searching for several days now and finally stumbled onto eBags thanks to a fellow blogger and instantly fell in love with all the choices. The only problem is I’m terribly indecisive especially when I have too many choices. For now I’ve narrowed it down to 6 laptop bags that I really like but I can’t pick! They’re all so fun, cute and just my style. But I can only have one …

ebags laptop bags

Which one is your favorite?

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  1. says

    I really like the black and white one. The pattern is cute and it will be versatile and coordinate with any outfit if you take it somewhere and wear it like a purse.
    As for learning hard lessons, I understand. I bought a new MacBook Pro in February, only to have hubby spill water on it 3 1/2 months later. (Yes, he felt terrible.) It cost $800 to fix, Apple repairs aren’t cheap. It was cheaper than getting a new one, but I had to learn a lesson the hard way. We joke now, because it’s my $2100 laptop. I honestly can’t live without it. You are smart to protect it!
    As for the learning curve, it will come! Go into your system preferences, (the apple in the left hand corner) and set some of your shortcuts, it sure makes life easier. Look into Time Machine too, it’s amazing.
    Congrats on your new laptop, I bet the retina display is amazing on it!!

  2. says

    I like the pink and brown. The pockets look easily accessible and it looks more sturdy than the others, like it will stand alone without toppling over.