Semi-Homemade Caramel Apple Pie Cake with Duncan Hines

Today I was a big old cheater.

I didn’t cheat on a diet, a game or even on my husband … I cheated in the kitchen. Thus the little “semi-homemade” addition to the recipe name. In fact, this probably isn’t really a recipe at all, it’s more of a combination of ingredients used creatively. I figured it was okay to cheat since I had already wore myself out making homemade Pierogies on Saturday then spent all of Sunday making homemade danishes. It was pretty exhausting.

So I collected a few ingredients including my favorite Duncan Hines Apple Caramel Cake box mix, some fresh SweeTango apples and a packet of Frosting Creations in a limited edition apple flavor.

Duncan Hines Caramel Apple Cake Ingredients

The only truly homemade part of this dessert is the addition of fresh apples to the cake mix. When I eat an apple cake I like it nice a chunky with a bit of apple in every bite. The more “creative” part here is thinning down the frosting creations icing to use as a flavorful drizzle over the cake.

Caramel Apple Pie Bundt Cake

To make this cake you’ll also need a tub of the plain Duncan Hines frosting creations icing. For this cake I only used half the tub, plus the apple pie flavoring packet and about 4 tablespoons of milk. Mixed together it drizzles quite nicely over the cake along with the caramel packet that comes in the cake box.

Caramel Apple Pie Cake Duncan Hines


Altogether, these taste like caramel apple pie and make a nice Fall dessert without too much work.

chunky caramel apple cake slice


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    Looks yummy! (Great pictures, too!)

    Those frosting creations…are those flavorings you’d add to tubs of icing? I’ve been hearing about them, but I haven’t seen them.