Dad Find | Sears Craftsman 22” Rear Drive Self-Propelled Electric Start EZ Lawn Mower

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Please note  – The lawn mower I’m reviewing was purchased by myself and this review is in no way connected with Sears, Craftsman or any representing PR agency.

Spring came quite early this year and of course that meant cutting the grass a lot sooner than we had planned. Unfortunately, our lawn mower just wasn’t quite ready. The poor thing was on its last leg, coughing and joking with every run through the yard and the wait time on a Spring tune-up was 2 – 4 weeks. In 2-4 weeks we would have been walking through a jungle. So that’s when I decided maybe it was just time to retire the old guy and get a shiny new lawn mower.

After browsing online reviews and a walk-through of Lowe’s, Menard’s and finally Sears, we found what we thought was the perfect lawn mower. Except … when we got home and started putting it together we found that one of the holes wasn’t drilled properly and had to take it back to Sears for a replacement. As luck would have it, we bought the last one in stock. Figures.

We finally decided to buy the slightly upgraded model from the one that was out of stock and came home with the Sears Craftsman 22” Rear Drive Self-Propelled Electric Start EZ Lawn Mower.

Sears Craftsman Lawn Mower Electric Start High Wheel

This bad boy of lawn mowers is packed with features like:

  • 22 in. high-performance deck — Provides excellent bagging, mulching or discharging
  • 725 Briggs & Stratton Platinum Series 190cc* engine with Push Button Start Technology
  • EZ Bagging Access — Bagger door stays open for easy bag removal
  • Dual trigger rear drive — Variable speed propelled drive system; Let the mower do the work and not you
  • Single point height adjuster — Simply raise and lower the mower deck with one hand
  • 12 in. high wheel — for added maneuverability
  • Dustblocker Grass Bag — Specialized construction helps keep dirt away from user
Sounds like a lot of extras and doo-dads that may make what should be an easy chore overly complicated doesn’t it? Well, I thought so when I started comparing all the models but I let the Sear’s salesman talk me into them and I’m glad he did!

EZ Walk Feature

If you’ve ever pushed a lawn mower through the yard on a hot summer day and you’re not built like a linebacker, you know how exhausted it can get after just a few minutes. Eventually the mower starts feeling like a 2 ton brick. With the EZ Walk feature, the mower moves you! Seriously, I gave it a go this past weekend and the lawn mower just about took off on me. I found myself jogging to catch up at first  but once I got the hang of the trigger (red handles pictured below), it’s almost an effortless process. It’s also variable speed so pulling just one red handle goes at medium speed while pulling both speeds you up to what I’d call a high speed. I’ll never buy another lawn mower without this feature again!
Additional Note: I noticed I was getting searches about the mower having trouble moving backwards. If you run into this problem, you need to release the EZ walk handles then go forward a couple of feet and then you can pull the mower backwards, but do NOT use the EZ walk handles while going backwards. It’s only meant to be used going forwards.

Sears Craftsman Lawn Mower EZ Walk Self Propelled

Electric EZ Push Button Start

Armed with a battery pack that must charge for 24 hours before each use, long gone are the days of pulling the string over and over again until the lawn mower finally roars to life. Should you forget to charge the battery there is a pull cord that usually starts on the first pull and is relatively easy. Is this a feature I could live without? Sure. But I like it, a lot.

Sears Craftsman Lawn Mower Electric Push Start

Dust Blocker Empty Bag

One thing I hate about mowing the lawn is all the grass clippings left all over the place. This particular model includes the option of a side discharge or the Dust Blocker bagging system that holds up to 2.3 cu. ft. of grass clippings. The red handle makes it very easy to remove the bag and dump the clippings and snaps back into place in one swift motion.

Sears Craftsman Lawn Mower Dust Blocker Bag System

Additionally, I was really excited to see the bag comes with a clear plastic peek-a-boo window, as I call it. While it’s designed to let you see how full the bag is, I have to say it’s rather useless. Dust and stray clippings end up blocking your view into the bag so you really can’t see how full it is at all. That left me feeling pretty disappointed.

Sears Craftsman Lawn Mower Easy Bag Window

12 Inch High Rear Wheels

Until buying this lawn mower, I never really understood why some models came with 4 wheels of equal size while others came with taller rear wheels. I now see that the higher rear wheels makes it a lot easier to maneuver and turn the lawn mower as needed. It’s not necessarily a must-have feature, but I can appreciate it.

Sears Craftsman High Rear Wheel Lawn Mower

What is a must-have feature (for me) is the single point height adjuster. Labeled 1 through 8, this single lever adjusts the height of the blade for all 4 wheels. This essentially means neither myself or my husband will ever forget to adjust the wheels individually and end up with a funky cut yard. It has happened on several occasions in the past. The lever has an easy grip handle that locks into place between the number settings and as I mentioned, moves all 4 wheels for you at once.

Sears Craftsman Lawn Mower Single Point Heigh Adjustment Lever

Need a quick clean-up? There’s a valve on the lawn mower where you can connect your hose to rinse out the body easily.

Sears Craftsman Lawn Mower Cleaning Spout

Overall, I would say this is the best $430 I’ve ever spent on a lawn mower. It includes features that makes it easy for me to mow the lawn and gives my husband the feel of real power cutting through the grass with the Briggs & Stratton 190cc engine. So the next time you walk into Sears looking for a lawn mower and feel overwhelmed by all the choices, you can count on the Sears Craftsman 22” Rear Drive Self-Propelled Electric Start EZ Lawn Mower (Model# 37093) to be a safe bet.

fresh cut grass


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  1. says

    Oh beautiful! And girl you take some awesome photos, and can bake your way out of anything you amaze me. Know on your weight loss journey you are just kickin’ butt!

    Believe it or not I’ve never mowed grass a day in my life, but then I’m allergic to most of it LOL. I would love to splurge and purchase one and then get the boys to mow and stop paying a lawn service but I have a feeling at the end of the day that decision wouldn’t be in my favor and my lawn (as terrible as it already looks due to lack of water) would like like it was mowed with a weed whacker LOL!

  2. says

    We just bought a new mower as well, but nowhere near as nice as this one. I picked up a very nice Craftsman at a local pawn shop. You can find great deals there, lol. My favorite feature is the push button start. My arms get so tired trying to pull the cord and most of the time I have to have my husband come out and start the mower anyway.

  3. says

    That is a good looking mower, we are in the market for a new one and I think we need to consider this one for sure!. Thanks for making this post!

  4. Maryann says

    I want my hubby to invest in a riding mower, but he says a push mover is the only exercise he gets!e

  5. says

    Will be passing this along to my husband. We think we may have to get a new lawn mower soon. Our almost eight year old one from Sears is being temperamental, not sure it is worth investing more into it.