Saturday Swimming with the Kids

Earlier this week I shared about the backyard pool we bought and set up. Well, it finally got hot enough to take a dip so that’s exactly what we spent most of our Saturday afternoon doing.

Except …. what I didn’t share was that pools and kids are one of my biggest fears. The thought of my kids drowning shakes me to the core! I tell you this because looking at Miss Emma all decked out in her floatation devices made me realize I probably went a little overboard.

Life jacket.

Arm floaties.

Ring floaty.

Way overboard! But there’s no way this baby was gonna drown.

toddler flotation devices

emma swimming


  1. Eileen says

    Too funny Cat! Is she IN there somewhere?

    Wish we could put in a pool! Looks so refreshing! What a fun family activity and you don’t have to even leave your house. I think is a great investment in FUN!!