Santa’s Hat Cake Pops

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With the recent announcement of the Wilton Pops! publication, I couldn’t help but be inspired to try some sweets on a stick myself, all focused on Christmas. For the next few days, I hope you’ll be inspired to try some pops yourself. In most cases, these are really simple to make, make cute stocking stuffers or even gift tags.

My first idea was to make some festive Santa Hat Cake Pops. To get started, you’ll just need to start with the basic recipe of how to make a cake pop. Instead of the typical round shape, I molded this one into the shape of a crayon tip.

santa hat pop shape

I found it easiest to gently roll the rim of the hat in white candy melts before attempting the red portion.

santa hat pop white dip

Now you can simply dip the top of the hat straight into the red candy melts, after the white has dried.

santa hat cake pop red dipped

For the top you can use a white Spree style candy, a rolled up ball of white fondant or any white candy that you may have on hand.

Santa Hat Pops

Looking for more cake pop inspiration? Check out the Wilton Pops Sweets on a Stick book full of full color photos, cake pop design ideas and recipes.

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  1. says

    Those really are awesome Cat! My son Warren told me he wants that one on the left, ok? “I want dat one, mommy!”

    • says

      Hey Laura, those are first dipped in red candy melts, let them dry, then using white candy melt, pipe thin cross sections and quickly sprinkle them with white decorating sugar. :)

  2. Nicole says

    Super cool! I am regestered for the Pops Challenge and can’t wait to get my pops Pack! I am new to this but I can’t wait, I have an idea that I want to do for my Daughters birsthday so I am excited to try them as a dry run with the challenge! Along with trying their ideas! Super cute and Great Job! Good Luck!!

  3. says

    looks so yummy! I am adding all the stuff to make these to my shopping list- what a perfect present idea for family!!

  4. Leslie Ramey says

    I just showed this to my son and he is so sxcited to hlp mommy make them!!