Kid Find | Safety 1st ProGrade VersaScan TALKING Thermometer

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For the past few weeks our family has been under attack by one virus or another. Between the sneezes, coughs and stomach bugs, there’s been more late night fevers than I care to experience again. As a mom, a fever is probably the most worrisome part of illnesses for me. I see how it can make my child feel terrible and I spend my time watching and waiting for the fever to go down or get so bad that we need to get help from a doctor.

One of the tools I keep my medicine cabinet to monitor a fever is a thermometer. Having at least one (and probably a backup) is a must-have for all parents. Recently we replaced our old one with the new Safety 1st VersaScan TALKING Thermometer. This particular model measures temperatures in the ear and also has an option for reading the temperatures for food and bath water which is particularly helpful for those with small children.

safety 1st talking thermometer versascan

What makes this particular thermometer unique is that it offers a few user friendly features like the Fever Light Button which glows green for healthy temperatures and glows red for a fever.  This simple color system takes the guesswork out of temperature reading.

safety 1st talking thermometer

The Safety 1st VersaScan thermometer also gives an audible temperature readout. Initially, I couldn’t figure out why this feature was offered or even needed, until I actually needed it. During one of the many sleepless nights our youngest daughter woke up crying and not feeling good. Stumbling out of bed, I grabbed the thermometer and went to take her temperature. At 3am, I wasn’t thinking clearly, my vision was still fuzzy and having left my glasses on the night stand, I couldn’t see a thing. What I could do though is HEAR the temperature read out. It came in handy that night!

Safety 1st ProGrade VersaScan TALKING Thermometer Facts:

  • Reads Ear, Food and Bath temps
  • Silent or talking mode: your choice!
  • Quick, 1 second reading
  • Fever Light™ Button illuminates red for fever
  • 30 memory recall gives both temperature and time
  • Temperature chart included on product for easy reference
  • Includes 2 “AAA” replaceable alkaline batteries

 Buy It

The Safety 1st ProGrade VersaScan TALKING Thermometer is available at Target in stores and online for around $39.99. For more details, visit the online product page at

The product featured in this review was provided for our family to test and keep. Opinions expressed are my own.

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