Road Trip to Chicago for the Wilton Tent Sale

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After missing the Wilton Moms ReTreat the first week of June, I decided I still wanted to have a little Wilton fun with my family and we piled into the car for a spur of them moment road trip to visit Chicago for a day. Every year in June, shoppers flock to Woodridge IL to gobble up savings on their favorite baking supplies at the Wilton Tent Sale and we just had to be there. After all, I’m slightly addicted to Wilton products and cake decorating is one of the few hobbies I really indulge in.

When we set out that day for the 3 hour drive (each way) one thing I hadn’t taken into account was the HEAT. Minutes before pulling into the parking lot of the big white tent we checked the temperature …. one hundred degrees! Hot Hot Hot! Inside the tent itself it was even more sweltering. So here’s a tip for Wilton Tent Sale shoppers: bring water, lots of it and shop like you were just challenged to a Supermarket Sweep.

wilton tent sale white tent


Inside the tent you’ll find some amazing bargains on just about everything Wilton sells, with the exception of the professional cake decorating turntable. I really, really needed that but either it wasn’t there or I missed it while I was sweeping up and down the aisles.

Above each table you’ll find prices that are clearly marked and below you’ll find piles of Wilton goodies that are marked down up to 75% off retail prices. Just in the first 5 minutes of browsing I found heavy duty bakeware, silicone bakeware, cake caddy’s, cooling wracks and so so so much more.

inside wilton tent sale


Despite being one of only two men in the entire tent, the shopping cart pusher, the kid wrangler, the price checker and product finder, my husband was a pretty good sport for the hour we spent shopping. My daughter on the other hand was even more thrilled than I was because she found a ton of Tinkerbell decorating supplies for her upcoming birthday party.

wilton tent sale shopping


Now I left feeling like I had won the lottery. Despite dripping with sweat and ready to pass out from heat exhaustion, it was the best shopping trip I’ve ever had in my life! I walked out of the tent with $200 in cake decorating supplies that overflowed my shopping cart and somehow we even managed to fit it all in the trunk.

cat davis wilton tent sale


When I got home I set everything out to organize it and realized …. I have no where to put all this! My kitchen cabinets are already overflowing with Wilton products so clearly I’m going to need to buy some storage tubs or something. My weekend plans involve a lot of organizing in my kitchen followed by lots of baking.

Wilton Tent Sale Stash

wilton tent sale products



If you live in the Chicago vicinity and have a love of baking, you must attend the tent sale! It’s still open through June 21st with plenty of products still available. For complete details, check out my page on the 2011 Wilton Tent Sale.

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  1. says

    WOW. I wish they would do stuff like that down here. We do SO much baking in the South you would think we would get a bit more attention LOL
    Looks like a great haul, and I cant wait to see all of the yummy goodies you make…. you will be sharing the recipes… right!?!

    • says

      If you have ever been to the Wilton facebook page that is something fans say all the time, wishing they had one near them. I think logistically though it only works for them near their headquarters but I don’t blame you. It is awesome and I wish they had them throughout the country. I’m like a mad woman shopping in that tent.

  2. says

    You said:
    “I have no where to put all this! My kitchen cabinets are already overflowing with Wilton products so clearly I’m going to need to buy…”

    And ohmygosh! I thought you were gonna say “a bigger house”. The deal might not have been as good if that was the case – LOL

  3. Maureen says

    It has been hot around here —that is until today.
    I have gone to the tent sale the last two years and I hope to go again this year.
    Thanks for the posting.

  4. says

    I AM SO JEALOUS!!!!! I really wanted those containers in the back!!!! I remember seeing those in the Wilton Store. I’m so glad you got to go shop at least though. Wish I could have been there to see you!

    • says

      Girl, if you had said something I would have picked up a pair for you! I was so excited to see those, my flour sits in a bag in my pantry.

  5. says

    Wow, you did great! Sorry you didn’t find the one big item you wanted. You do such beautiful work and I am always wanted to lick the screen to taste your baked goodies!

  6. says

    I told you there were a ton of tinkerbell stuff! Every time I passed something tinkerbell (and it was scattered throughout) I thought of your daughter!

    You are going to love your sugar/flour containers and those mixing bowls I bought four (for my mom and my sis) and the mixing bowls because my mom fell in love as soon as she saw them at my house. My mom is giddy like a little kid to get her stuff too!

    It is hard to stop shopping, isn’t it? (Obviously given how much I purchased.) I’ll be sharing photos tomorrow of my haul.

    • says

      My mom was pretty excited about everything I brought back and wants to make a date for us two to go up together next year. We’ll definitely have to do it on opening day so I don’t miss out on the really good stuff.

    • says

      Maybe it was sold out? I know that Candy was looking for the Ultimate Decorating Kit which they had plenty of when I we were there (for $100!) but sold out right away.

  7. says

    I am so jealous. I wish the had something like that near me. I have never even seen a Wilton store before.

    That is awesome that your husband went with you. My hubby would think I was nuts driving 3 hours for supplies.

  8. says

    Look at all those goodies! So glad you enjoyed yourself, got some great bargains, and even spent time with the family despite the heat! Yay!

  9. Peggy says

    If you like the Wilton sale then you will LOVE a “pilgrimage” to the King Arthur Flour flagship store in Norwich, Vermont, which is about a mile from Dartmouth College. It is the Nordstrom of baking supply stores where they sell unique, hard to find items, give baking classes, and even have an in-store bakery and sandwich shop. They have a web site where you can sign up to be on their e-mailing list, but NOTHING is more fun than pushing a cart around the store. My sister have to drag her husband and teenage son in the store but once they were in, were pushing around their own cart of stuff they wanted!!! I also highly recommend their recipes (available on the web site) because they all have a blog posted where people have posted tips, changes to recipes, or mistakes they made and want to help other people avoid.

  10. Donna B. says

    I’m SOOOO jealous! I’d love to go to their tent sale one day *sigh*

  11. Janet W. says

    Oh wow! I wish they had something like that in my area! That looks wonderful! Looks like you got a lot of great stuff!